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Monday, May 17, 2010


I am so behind in keeping up this here blog. With that said, I won't be making any excuses. My days have been filled with keeping up with normal household tasks, grocery shopping, being a mommy bus, potty training (will he ever poo in the potty?), and loving on my friends kids. I have been doing more of that as of lately - loving on other's munchkins that is. I count it as a blessing! I took on a PT child care job for my neighbor and good friend who has two adorable beans as well as keep the VM kiddos each Thursday morning. My kids love having day long play dates when the extra ones are here.
I have been thinking ahead as to what our summer days will look like. I am excited for our frequent pool outings, weekly story time in the park, trips to Deanna Rose & the OPA as well as several community events we plan to attend. Gabi will take private swim lessons again this summer with her swimming buddy Kamryn and she is enrolled in an 8 week summer program one morning a week that I pray she finds enjoyment in. She is looking forward to her June date night with daddy to the father/daughter dance at our church. We have an extended family celebration in late June (my cousin is turning 40!), Travis & I will reach a mile stone anniversary in early July & we are excited about spending time with my "2nd family" the Morris's at the lakes this summer. I personally am in hopes of doing some reading and crafting when possible while Travis spends countless hours indulging in his love of the game of golf.
Rambling here I know. Moving on.
Why is it that little kids are sponges? Both good and bad? I am learning this more and more each day. Here are just a handful of examples:
-Dawson firmly slaps his hand on the dinner table and says "Oh crap!"
Gabrielle is taught what hell is in full detail. Great teaching moment for Travis and I that we expounded on promptly.
-Dawson now says frequently "I'm gonna shoot you or kill you," "nananabooboo," "I won't be your friend anymore," - all learned while playing outdoors. Enough said on that one.
-Gabrielle wants clarification on exactly how a baby arrives into this world. Some friends have said that they come out your bottom. She would like to believe the doctors take them out when God tells the mommy it is time. I am OK with her thought process at this stage in life. Innocence people. I am trying to protect their innocence. Not make them completely naive to the things of this world.
-I was enjoying a margarita this past weekend and wouldn't you know my son decided he wanted to become the worlds first two year old lush? He was insistent on sharing that drink if it took all the strength he had in him. He did "enjoy" a taste or two. He lives on.
Any words of advice on the above matters are greatly appreciated.
I have so many more thoughts and miscellaneous things running through my head, but will spare you in order to get my littles tucked into bed and get a little snuggle time in myself.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Silly Faces

A couple of silly faces that brought a smile to me this week.
Dawson giving me fishy kisses!

and Sis' sporting a Backyardigan Tattoo
That little bugger was there to stay too ... I scrubbed and scrubbed until her skin was nearly raw before it was completely removed