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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Little Escape Artist

I turned around yesterday to get some more fruit out of the cupboard for my munchkin and when I turned back around a mear 15 seconds later this is how I found baby D

Need I say that I failed to buckle him in? How did the little turkey scheme up the idea to climb from his booster seat to the table top and make it happen in seconds flat? I am asking myself the same questions!!
Yet another lesson learned ... buckle up for safety :0)


I just leaned in to give my sweet boy a kiss on the button nose and ended up with a baby booger planted on my lip! YuCk!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Look who's ONE!

"Here comes the good stuff!"

"I am not so sure about the whole cupcake thing.
Mommy, can you give me a little taste?"

"That was pretty good! Let me give it a try."

"I got this thing licked."

"Mmmmm .... I am ready for seconds. Anybody with me?"

"With all that gift opening now someone is talking my language. SNACKS!!"

"This was Mommy's favorite gift I received.
Mommy's new man - that I definitely am!"

We can't believe our little man is already one! His 1st year of life flew by! Dawson has developed such a personality. One that is truly 100% boy. He is such a go getter ... constantly into something, putting anything in site in his mouth, playing hard, being a dare devil, causing his sissy to fuss over pulled hair or a toy, sucking on his binx or giving and getting lots of lovin' from his entire family. He has mastered speed crawling & cruising and is nearly walking. We are teaching him baby sign language. He loves a good book or to be sang to. His current favorite game is patty cake. It is a sure fire way to get him to smile or keep him distracted during diaper changes. He says DaDa, MaMa, Papa, more and bye-bye. He loves to blow kisses and waves good bye. We couldn't imagine our family without baby D. He is such a joy to us. He has forever changed our lives and our family. His wide mouth smile and belly laugh brighten our days.

Dawson, We love you through and through. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Too.

Friday, September 26, 2008

More Weekend Photos

Have I ever mentioned it is next to impossible to get a good family photo of the four of us? UGH!! How maddening. If anyone knows any tricks please share.

Talk to the hand

Mommy sneaking in a kiss post wedding

Gabi tearing it up on the dance floor with her Daddy.
That girl LOVES to dance. She was non-stop!
I can't believe she didn't have blisters on her feet by the end of the night.

Terry what have you introduced my son to?
Look at him eyeing that bottle!!
His eyes are even blood shot {red eye effect}.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Princess and a Bride

This past weekend Gabrielle had the honor of being the princess (aka flower girl) in Matt & Molly Conlon's wedding in my hometown of Primghar, Iowa. The weekend was full of fun activities that kept us on the go. Friday morning we arrived fashionably late to help decorate the reception hall and then the guys and gals split up for the afternoon. The guys enjoyed lunch together and then headed to the "lodge" to shoot. Apparently I have a pretty good marksmen on my hands! The gals enjoyed lunch together and then went our separate ways. I took advantage of this time to nap with Gabrielle. Friday evening was the rehearsal followed by the rehearsal dinner.

Saturday morning all the gals met up to get beautified. This is a pic of Mo and Gabi after getting their hair done. There was no lack of smiling or laughing.

From left to right: Jess, Audra, Molly, Jenn, MOH Becky (my neighbor growing up) and in front Ashley

Such a pretty young princess and a beautiful bride.
Gabrielle was leaning in for a kiss.

Gabrielle with the bride and groom

A goodnight hug.
We love you Molly Ann!!!! We wish you many years of happiness ahead. You landed yourself a great guy!!! We promise not to bug you about babies the 1st year :0)

Monday, September 22, 2008

A day at the zoo

Hello! I am soooo behind on my posting and promise to do my best to catch up in short order. I will start with our trip to the Henry Dorley Zoo in Omaha, NE this past Thursday. For those of you who haven't been fortunate enough to visit the Omaha Zoo it is well worth a day trip. It is such a fantastic zoo. We couldn't have asked for better weather and the kids were so well behaved that day!! I will share just a few pictures (OK maybe more than a few) from the day.

A big thanks to Aunt Shari for the adorable coordinating outfits (minus Gabi's pants which are corduroy so a little too hot for the beautiful weather we have been having) The outfits were a gift when Dawson was born and we love them!! Super soft & comfortable.

This larger than life gorilla was definitely one of our favorite attractions.

He put on quite a show for us!

I like this sweet look on Gabrielle's face. She was our little tour guide taking charge of the zoo map and instructing us where we needed to go next. She made sure we didn't miss a thing!

My favorite attraction is probably the aquarium. I love the penguins and enjoy time in the under water tunnel. We spent quite a bit of time watching the whales & large turtles as well as the other creatures.

Dawson was in awe of the movement overhead!

We all need a house cat like this one - don't ya' think? All for now!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things to remember

*When Gabrielle's imaginary friends Judy, Alexis and Emma became a very real part of her life
* How Gabi often uses an F in the place of a T ... fhumb for thumb, fhree for three, etc
* How she just recently said to me as we were stopped at a red light "Mommy, I don't like that music. It is Etch-a-Sketch music and I don't like the way it sounds (rap music)
* How Gabrielle is determined to go to the hospital and have a baby girl come out of her tummy. She plans to name her Ulex (pronounced uh-lex). She is very concerned whether or not I like the name or not. What can I say to her other than I love it?!
* How whenever we cross over a rough railroad track Gabi exclaims "Jesus just jumped right out of my heart!!"
*How my favorite part of the day currently is when my baby boy gives me wet kisses
*How Dawson sounds when he looks at me or Travis with such affection and says Mama or Dada
*How both of my kiddos share such a love for water. They live for bath time and for swimming
*I never want to forget the sound of Gabrielle's shrill scream as Dawson grabs a fist full of her hair and pulls with all his might. I never want to forget the look on his face as he does this and the sound of his belly laugh as he screams with delight!
*I want to remember how it was one year ago today that I resigned from my position at the Kansas City Cancer Center from a job that was both rewarding and fulfilling. I want to remember how we prepared for that time and how the Lord continues to bless us to make it possible for me to stay at home with our children.
*I want to remember daily how I am loved by many and that I have the most amazing family

Monday, September 1, 2008

Little Bruiser

Oh the joy of having a boy in the household!!

I had received the forewarning from friends who are mothers of young boys to be prepared for lots of bumps and bruises but boy oh boy did this weekend prove to be true! It has been an all out war of the battle wounds the past couple of days.
Round #1 scratches to the forehead due to sharp as razor fingernails
Round #2 nick and bruise to the under eye region due to sister inadvertently hitting him while rocking in the glider
Round #3 (not seen in photo) large abrasion under his chin from hitting it on a chair ... we think?
Round #4 right hand slammed in the bathroom door {once again by his loving older sis'}
Round #5 red scabbed over area on the opposite eye from meeting & greeting the cement face to face while trying to outdo sister crawling up the slide
Love is still in the air!!!