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Monday, September 1, 2008

Little Bruiser

Oh the joy of having a boy in the household!!

I had received the forewarning from friends who are mothers of young boys to be prepared for lots of bumps and bruises but boy oh boy did this weekend prove to be true! It has been an all out war of the battle wounds the past couple of days.
Round #1 scratches to the forehead due to sharp as razor fingernails
Round #2 nick and bruise to the under eye region due to sister inadvertently hitting him while rocking in the glider
Round #3 (not seen in photo) large abrasion under his chin from hitting it on a chair ... we think?
Round #4 right hand slammed in the bathroom door {once again by his loving older sis'}
Round #5 red scabbed over area on the opposite eye from meeting & greeting the cement face to face while trying to outdo sister crawling up the slide
Love is still in the air!!!


~melissa p. said...

Oh, I just love the picture of the two of them. It is so sweet!!

Jason & Rene said...

DAWSON MATTHEW!! boy that kid is a bruiser! LOL..he's still my favorite soon to be 1 year old baby boy!!
PS hello...why have you not gone to my blog!!! gesh....j/k

Anonymous said...

thanks for the clothes last night. we really appreciate it!!!

dawson is such a sweetheart. i wished i had my camera last night to snap some of those sweet kisses he was planting on you :)

if i have the first tuesday morning off next month i will let you know, so i can help w/ dawson.

it will work out.

ps, you really do look awesome even if you think you are grungy. you are too cute.

Lisa said...

The picture of both of them is so cute. Dawson is so sweet.

kbailey said...

Hi, Christine. Tell Travis that I just read through all this "crap" and loved all of it. I miss seeing Gabi, so it is nice to see her and hear how she is doing. She will make a great peer model. Dawson is a cutie. Boys always seem to have bruises somewhere. I am glad to hear all is going well. We hope to see you soon.