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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Things to remember

*When Gabrielle's imaginary friends Judy, Alexis and Emma became a very real part of her life
* How Gabi often uses an F in the place of a T ... fhumb for thumb, fhree for three, etc
* How she just recently said to me as we were stopped at a red light "Mommy, I don't like that music. It is Etch-a-Sketch music and I don't like the way it sounds (rap music)
* How Gabrielle is determined to go to the hospital and have a baby girl come out of her tummy. She plans to name her Ulex (pronounced uh-lex). She is very concerned whether or not I like the name or not. What can I say to her other than I love it?!
* How whenever we cross over a rough railroad track Gabi exclaims "Jesus just jumped right out of my heart!!"
*How my favorite part of the day currently is when my baby boy gives me wet kisses
*How Dawson sounds when he looks at me or Travis with such affection and says Mama or Dada
*How both of my kiddos share such a love for water. They live for bath time and for swimming
*I never want to forget the sound of Gabrielle's shrill scream as Dawson grabs a fist full of her hair and pulls with all his might. I never want to forget the look on his face as he does this and the sound of his belly laugh as he screams with delight!
*I want to remember how it was one year ago today that I resigned from my position at the Kansas City Cancer Center from a job that was both rewarding and fulfilling. I want to remember how we prepared for that time and how the Lord continues to bless us to make it possible for me to stay at home with our children.
*I want to remember daily how I am loved by many and that I have the most amazing family


Lisa said...

Good post, Gabrielle says the cuttest things. You will want to remember all of this!
Love, Lisa

~melissa p. said...

Oh, what great blessing to remember. Your kids are so cute!!!
Hope you have a happy and safe trip!!

Jeanna said...

so sweet...we all need to do that every once in a while. i forget to do it as much for lucy. i need to catch up. and, btw, i agree, we do need to get together. jesse talks about gabi quite a bit. we are over the hump with the virus, so we will be ready to play soon. ; )

Jason & Rene said...

Very sweet. I hadnt been to your blog in a while because you hadn't posted in a while.