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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Mother nature dumped a couple feet of snow on Kansas over the course of a week in late February which resulted in several snow days from school, lots of indoor playtime, snuggles by the fireplace and the perfect opportunity for sledding. 
Saturday, February 23rd we hit the hills just a couple of miles up the road. Initially we were the only family there before others joined closer to the noon hour. It was perfection! We weren't too sure what Little Miss would think of the events of the morning but she once again amazed us with her spirit of adventure. Travis and I quickly learned it's a good work out lugging a toddler up a steep incline in over a foot of snow time and time again. 
This was McKenna's 1st time down the hill.
And much to our surprise she didn't mind the snow blast to her face. The hill had seen many visitors before us which made for fun and fast sledding! 
It was SO much fun seeing the older two sledding independently as well as tandem sledding on the new sled they received the previous Christmas. 
Gabrielle tearing up the "slopes." 
And the craziest, most adventurous child of them all ... Travis. 
He not only spent a fair amount of time building a jump for us all (which resulted in many belly laughs, a few wipe outs and tears) but also decided he would brave snowboarding. On a plastic sled mind you. 
Burn out! 
This sweet ray of sunshine stayed bundled up atop a large mound of packed snow at the top the hill when not in action. She was and is such a trouper for always going with the flow even when the outing or planned event is geared toward the older two. 
She is growing up right before our eyes and is reminding us she isn't such a baby anymore. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Simple Pleasures

Sometimes it's the little things in life - we'll call them simple pleasures - that bring us happiness.
Today as I sit with the back door wide open soaking up the 70˚ weather and listening to the birds chirp,  I'm reminded of this.
Two things I adore {quite possibly too much so} are Dr. Pepper and sweets. I'm a sucker for these Hershey's Simple Pleasures so when I scored several bags for $.50 a piece, you better believe I popped those babies in the freezer in my secret stash. 
This little stink eye is my current love affair.
She's full of sass and attitude at times, but I can't get enough of her!
See that mess of a home office in the picture above?
Well, I did something about it and it now looks like this.
I love my PB Daily System organizer but never really liked it mounted on the side wall where Travis installed it. A willing g'friend who isn't intimated by a power tool and 10 minutes later and I'm a happy girl. We also moved my printer from the butler's pantry area in the kitchen to the desk which I couldn't be more thrilled about. Running a cord to plug that sucker in each time I wanted to print something was a pain. 
I have become an ultimate homebody so when I made the split second decision to join my n'hood gal pals for drinks, their jaws nearly hit the table when I walked in. 
I like a clean house. This is no secret. But what I am finding the pleasure in is embracing the mess in the moment. Clean up can happen later :)
Treasuring each and every minute I get alone time with this girl. It isn't often we can sneak away without her shadow brother wanting to tag along, so when I can steal her for myself, I do it. On this particular day we ran to WalMart for a few items and took a detour in route home to see a 10'6" Jayhawk snowman. 
If you know me well, then you know our family and extended family all own dachshunds. I was searching for a birthday card for my mom to give one of her previous coworkers when I stumbled upon this card. 
Like I said, it's the simple things that bring happiness and this card makes me happy. 
(ps. I didn't buy it and I'm so mad at myself that I didn't)
What simple things bring you pleasure?
All photos taken with my iPhone

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

K Enrollment

Last Friday was Kindergarten enrollment for our little man. It's truly cra-zay! to think my baby boy is old enough to be starting school this coming Fall.
We are unsure whether D will be in morning or afternoon Kindergarten as the enrollment numbers only substantiate for one 1/2 day class and the district hasn't made a decision on hiring a part-time teacher or sharing with another elementary school within the district. So for now, we wait. This momma's fingers are crossed that it will be afternoons for a couple of reasons. 
1. He currently attends afternoon preschool five days a week and we are very accustomed to our "schedule."
2. Little Miss naps in the afternoon and I use that time to pay bills, blog, check e-mail, do my devotional and other reading, etc. 
Regardless of what the outcome is, he is elated to begin Kindergarten. 
Dawson was pumped to get to visit "sissy's school" and drop into her classroom for a quick hello and hug. It was an added bonus that I got to witness a group of fun and energetic Olathe NW Ravens Football guys reading to Gabi's class. Several class moms were there, so we all snapped a quick photo with our phones.