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Sunday, June 22, 2014

There was a Tiny Turtle

We spent our Memorial Day at our favorite home away from home aka my brother's beautiful house on Lake Lotawana. The kids fished and swam off the dock while I split my time between supervising them, visiting with my SIL and nephew, and lounging. Gabrielle caught her biggest fish to date but unfortunately when I sent my phone with Dawson for Travis to take a picture in my absence, he took a 2 second video instead. Oops! 
I love that my kids enjoy fishing and are making these memories!
Gabrielle found this stinkin' teeny tiny turtle while swimming near the buoy and immediately snatched her up. She proclaimed she saved it from nearly getting hit by a boat :) It was love at 1st sight! She had been asking for a pet of her very own for months ... specifically a fish, but a turtle undoubtedly trumped a fish! She named her Shelby (Sheldon for a boy perhaps) and created a make shift home in a large SOLO cup to bring her home. Without giving too many details muchmuch time, research and visits to the local pet stores took place over the course of the next several days. It was agonizing gathering all the details and weighing a decision to make quite a costly investment to make this little creature a permanent member of our family or to choose to return her back into her natural habitat. 
We learned Shelby is a hatchling red-eared slider. They can live 20 - 30 years but their life expectancy is shortened when in captivity. They require both aquatic life as well as sun basking to thrive and grow at a rather rapid rate. 
This picture perfectly portrays Gabi's affection toward her new tiny friend and her angst (shown in her tear) about making the wisest decision to set her free. I also adore the picture because it shows her newly acquired tooth gap which we awaited and highly anticipated for all too long! 
I took Gabrielle to a nearby large pond to return Shelby to her natural habitat. She was emotional in pondering the what ifs of Shelby adjusting to her new surroundings and questioning her survival. I assured her she/we had made the best decision and Shelby would be all the happier. 
As we pulled away toward home it began to rain.  We looked off to the east and there was a beautiful rainbow. It lightened the mood and turned sadness into joy. 
"I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth." 
Genesis 9:13

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Amy said...

Hi! Cute post! I am seeking permission to use the close up image of the hand holding the tiny turtle in our park district e-newsletter. It would include a photo credit to you and I can make it link to your blog if you would like. You can view past issues of our newsletter here:

Hope to hear back soon, Ranger Amy in Livermore, CA