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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jiggle Jam

Can I just tell you all how much fun we had Saturday at the 2nd annual Jiggle Jam Family Music Fest?! The kids were AMAZING!! I was so proud of their positive attitudes. I pushed Dawson beyond his limits and he was such a trooper. He crashed instantly after getting a fresh diaper, dry clothes and entering the air conditioning in the van.
I loved watching both Gabi and Dawson's excitement throughout the day. My only negative about the occasion was that Daddy forgot to replace the camera memory card so I had no means to take pictures. My neighbor experienced a mishap and dropped her camera (breaking it!) so I was able to place her memory card in my camera and snap a couple of pics.

We spent a little time in the shaded area of the bubble tent. For those of you who didn't get the pleasure of attending the event this is what I would call bubbles done BIG! What a perfect set up!! Buckets of bubbles with wands galore. A bubble table, bubble blowing machine ... you get the picture?

This is my new favorite picture of our sweet sassy girl.
Thanks Heather for capturing it.
I can't wait to scrapbook it for our family album.

A little hydration does a body good.
Dawson left his buddy Jake's hat on all day - what gives?
I can't seem to get him to keep one on any other time.

Shocker of the day!!!
Gabrielle literally ran into the arms of the Wizards mascot.
She was beaming from ear to ear.
We will definitely arrange to stay in KC next year over Memorial Day weekend to attend the 3rd annual Jiggle Jam Fest.
Good times.

Mother/Father Appreciation Day at IDC

How did I let this happen again? I am so behind in keeping this blog current. Thursday May 13th Gabrielle's preschool program presented a Mother/Father Appreciation program. The kids sang two songs followed by refreshments and photographs of the kids taken with their parents. GG was in town visiting so she was able to join us for the event.

I love how she is biting her lip - deep in concentration.
The picture following this one {I didn't post} Gabrielle was scowling as her friend next to her inadvertently hit her with his drum stick. Poor thing!

Gabi with her lead teacher Ms. Shanan.
Her assistance teacher, Ms. Kathy, was absent recovering from surgery.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pearly Whites

My kiddos have always loved brushing their teeth, but as of the past week it is safe for me to say that it has become somewhat of an obsession. They have been asking to brush their teeth half a dozen times a day. Why the change some may ask. Gabrielle had been asking for the "blue stuff" advertised on TV. I kept telling her I would buy it for her "when Mommy finds a coupon."
Coupon found.
Product purchased.
Result - LOTS of teeth brushing!

I love these pics for one reason.
Our little man WILL NOT wear hats.
He loves hats, just not wearing them.
This morning he ran around the house with sissy's hat on for at least 15 minutes so I ran for the camera and snapped.

Dawson is our little monkey see, monkey do boy.
He pulls his stool up to the sink, brushes, spits (look at the above picture closely), runs his brush under the running water and brushes, spits, more water.

Product plug: Listerine Agent CoolBlue Rinse Agent
Your kiddo swishes for 30 seconds then spits the Listerine out. It tints their teeth blue which promotes better teeth brushing.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Miracle Baby

Today as I was pilfering through some keepsake items I came across something of great value to me. I became very close to many of my patients while employed at the Kansas City Cancer Center, however as with any relationship in life some leave a "footprint" for life.
This poem was written and received as a gift by a dear patients wife.
Both she and her husband are deaf which also drove my desire to teach my unborn child signing as a young infant.
It is dated 08/17/04.
Our Gabrielle Annique blessed our lives with her entry into this world on 01/01/05.

The Miracle Baby

I struggled and struggled to get pregnant.
But God said, "No, not yet."
I waited and waited for His answer to my plees for a child.
I tried many different ways to get pregnant,
but still God said, "No, not yet."
Why? Will I ever have a child?
I want to give love and nurture to a child.
My heart has ached for so long.
Finally God saw my pain.
It hurts Him to see me hurt.
So God gave me a miracle baby.
I struggled no longer.
I waited no longer.
I hurt no longer.
I am happy and waiting for this child,
that God created in my womb,
to come into this world.
This is my miracle baby.
She was created in His image and love.
With this child, soon on the way,
I shall be forever blessed!

Mary Cantrell