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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Miracle Baby

Today as I was pilfering through some keepsake items I came across something of great value to me. I became very close to many of my patients while employed at the Kansas City Cancer Center, however as with any relationship in life some leave a "footprint" for life.
This poem was written and received as a gift by a dear patients wife.
Both she and her husband are deaf which also drove my desire to teach my unborn child signing as a young infant.
It is dated 08/17/04.
Our Gabrielle Annique blessed our lives with her entry into this world on 01/01/05.

The Miracle Baby

I struggled and struggled to get pregnant.
But God said, "No, not yet."
I waited and waited for His answer to my plees for a child.
I tried many different ways to get pregnant,
but still God said, "No, not yet."
Why? Will I ever have a child?
I want to give love and nurture to a child.
My heart has ached for so long.
Finally God saw my pain.
It hurts Him to see me hurt.
So God gave me a miracle baby.
I struggled no longer.
I waited no longer.
I hurt no longer.
I am happy and waiting for this child,
that God created in my womb,
to come into this world.
This is my miracle baby.
She was created in His image and love.
With this child, soon on the way,
I shall be forever blessed!

Mary Cantrell


Rene' said...

Very sweet!

Megan Adams said...

i love that poem! one that i can definitely relate to.