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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jiggle Jam

Can I just tell you all how much fun we had Saturday at the 2nd annual Jiggle Jam Family Music Fest?! The kids were AMAZING!! I was so proud of their positive attitudes. I pushed Dawson beyond his limits and he was such a trooper. He crashed instantly after getting a fresh diaper, dry clothes and entering the air conditioning in the van.
I loved watching both Gabi and Dawson's excitement throughout the day. My only negative about the occasion was that Daddy forgot to replace the camera memory card so I had no means to take pictures. My neighbor experienced a mishap and dropped her camera (breaking it!) so I was able to place her memory card in my camera and snap a couple of pics.

We spent a little time in the shaded area of the bubble tent. For those of you who didn't get the pleasure of attending the event this is what I would call bubbles done BIG! What a perfect set up!! Buckets of bubbles with wands galore. A bubble table, bubble blowing machine ... you get the picture?

This is my new favorite picture of our sweet sassy girl.
Thanks Heather for capturing it.
I can't wait to scrapbook it for our family album.

A little hydration does a body good.
Dawson left his buddy Jake's hat on all day - what gives?
I can't seem to get him to keep one on any other time.

Shocker of the day!!!
Gabrielle literally ran into the arms of the Wizards mascot.
She was beaming from ear to ear.
We will definitely arrange to stay in KC next year over Memorial Day weekend to attend the 3rd annual Jiggle Jam Fest.
Good times.

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Rene' said...

Cute pictures! We went last year to Jingle Jam..the kids wanted to get in the water fountains sooo bad!
Glad you got out and about!