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Friday, February 25, 2011

McKenna @ 6 weeks

6 week stats:

DIAPER SIZE - newborn


SLEEP PATTERN - awakes late morning followed by one loooong nap and then generally awake the better part of the remainder of the day. Short (and I do mean short) cat naps in the early evening. Bedtime generally about 9:30. She has set a pattern of waking about 3:30 and again at 7 to nurse however has gone several stretches lasting upwards of 7 hours (one night shy of 8 and the next evening a straight 9 hour stretch).

NURSING - I would love to say she is a pro, but honestly she is a little lazy/sloppy to begin with then nurses like a champ. She is still spitting up a large portion. I forgot how much I dislike the smell of soured breast milk.

PERSONALITY - She loves her baths, puppy kisses, any & all attention given to her by her family, snuggling with Mema (she has that magic touch), being sung to and her soothie pacifier on rare occasions. I affectionately joke that she was born with a serious demeanor as she always has this stoic look to her. Really I say this just because I am over eager for her to give us those sweet baby smiles that bring us to that happy place where all else in the world is right. She is such an incredibly easy baby. She rarely fusses or cries and when she does she has something to say {poopy diaper, long overdue to eat or experience discomfort from her reflex}

Daddy - baby girl
Mommy - little miss, pint size princess
Gabrielle - McKenna, MJ, blue eyed girl or baby Mak
Dawson - baby MaJane (my personal favorite)

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Anonymous said...

This is my second attempt to leave a comment. Love the blog and the pictures - every time I see one I want a print. Could she be any cuter? Please keep posting these even if you don't have the time to scrapbook - you won't regret penning your thoughts. I wish I had some of these current pix to show Aunt Sheryl tomorrow - I'm taking the newborns ones to share but I think she already saw these online. Love, mom