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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Firehouse Pottery

We made our 1st family road trip since becoming a family of five to Springfield the weekend of February 11th - 13th. McKenna was a rock star traveler during the 3 hour trip ... the older two, well they were in rare form teasing and pestering one another. Saturday afternoon we visited a quaint Pottery and Art Studio that Aunt Shari had been to before. This was the kids first time at pottery. They were overwhelmed with the choices of pieces to chose from. Unbeknownst
to me the end choices were a puppy and a frog. Dawson lasted a mere three minutes before departing the table and darting back to the entry to retrieve the {large, expensive} wheeowheeo (firetruck) that he had his heart set on. This led to a mini meltdown and Daddy exiting the building with said little man. Boo! His frog ended up being a collaborative effort with work being done by Dawson, Aunt Shari and Uncle Darren.

This is the best picture I got that afternoon. We were seated directly underneath a window with full sunlight. The other pictures are unfortunately sun saturated.

Our little artist was in her element. She was intent on picking her colors and painting her puppy to her satisfaction.

Gabrielle wants to scope out a local pottery house here in the KC area for her and Daddy (the other artist in the family) to have there next date night at.

She was anything but patient waiting for the pieces to be fired and mailed to us. She literally ran to the mailbox each and everyday after school and would enter the house with a look of disappointment on her face. We called GG Tuesday asking if/when the package had been mailed and GG said to expect it on Wednesday. The UPS delivery came late in the afternoon and she retreated to the deck to carefully open and unwrap her completed masterpieces. She was thrilled with how they turned out.


Phyllis Hicks said...

That was fun re-living the pottery barn, experience. Dawson was too young, but Gabi really enjoyed the painting. Love,GG res

Amy Ellis said...

I have got to get J to do that again, we have a coupon on our fridge! Shawnee style of course!

Mo said...

I like your puppy Gabs. Did you name him or her?