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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Keeping It Real

Through the encouragement of a fellow blogger {Jami Nato - I am clueless how to link you or I would have given you the proper "credit" where it is due} I am keeping this post real.
I have a laundry list a mile long of "to do" things ... some of which really do NEED to get done. Such as taxes, thank-you notes, etc. But, what am I doing? Holding the baby in my lap cuz' the darn cutie pie believes she is incapable of napping this afternoon unless she is close to her Momma's breast. Oh, and need I mention she stinks? I mean really stinks. She is a pro at filling her pants and spitting up nearly everything she intakes. Warm breast milk = yuck! So, I am playing the lazy card still in my lounge pants and hubs over sized Budweiser t-shirt. I am playing the lazy card so much so that little man is up running amuck with his big sister. I think I am allowing him to stay up out of guilt for spanking Gabs earlier. She deserved it, but I spanked out of anger. Ugh! What happened to counting to ten before reacting? So, when she asked if he could stay up to play with her the answer was an easy "yes." You know what some would say? That is a__ backwards ... rewarding her for her misbehavior. Agreed.
(Oh glorious - MJ JUST upchucked on my leg. No joke!)
What am I doing you ask? Why I am checking e-mail, my google reader, and facebook while taking a break from tax prep work. Tax prep that NEEDS to get done because that refund is NEEDED to apply to our growing medical expenses. Geesh, having a baby is expensive. Please don't misconstrue this as a complaint, because I wouldn't give up my little miss for all the $$$$ in the world, but let's be honest. I would rather have that money to go on a vacation, buy a B.O.B. stroller that I am coveting, get the braces that I have wanted for years, install a sprinkler system in the yard. You get what I am saying. My desk area in the kitchen has exploded over the past 24 hours, I don't have any supper prepared, and the two older monkeys have their toys strung all over the house. I know this is a whole lotta randomness thrown into what seems like one run on sentence after another, but this is life as it is right at this moment. And for the record the transition from a family of four to a family of five came easy to this household. Really. There were some questionable moments early on mostly with Dawson acting out for attention when we had visitors, but even that has came to a lull.
Part B of post ... I took a break from posting this because I needed an out. So, I called my go to girl (aka Mom) and we make a quick trek to WalMart. It was just what I needed. I got some fresh air, spoke non stop to Mom about life, got a few needs (and wants) and WalMarts deli came to the rescue for supper. A lot of good has happened since I started this post. All three little people got bathed, my desk area is back in order, all mail is opened and in it's proper place, I cleaned out my coupon drawer, and check this - McKenna slept almost an 8 hour stretch last night so the lack of napping didn't turn out so bad after all.
This is a peek at REAL life at our house. It may be a roller coaster, but I love it!

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