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Monday, February 7, 2011

She's Here

The time had come for Ms. McKenna Jane's entrance into the world
01/11/11 2:47pm
7 lbs, 19 inches

Meeting our little princess for the 1st time
Daddy is taking in her every little detail

So in love from the very first moment

Can you see the twinkle in her Daddy's eye?
She is bound to be a Daddy's girl just like her big sister!

She already has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger

As a girlfriend once worded it
"Fresh from God"
She is fearfully and wonderully made

McKenna's first bath
Daddy protectly stayed right by her side

I like this picture simply because it shows MJ's long skinny fingers
Just like her Mommy and what would have been her paternal Great Grandmother
As Mema would say, "those fingers were made for piano playing"

Displaying her delicate newborn skin

This is the photo we e-mailed out and posted to Facebook to announce McKenna's arrival
Now that I look back at it I realize she appears MUCH larger in the picture than she actually was at birth (I still feel she doesn't appear this big at nearly 4 weeks of age)

Gabrielle was awe struck meeting her sweet baby sister

Dawson, well he was more excited to see Mommy

Our family of five!

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Mo said...

Wow, a family of five. Sounds just right to me:)