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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Children Are ...

Whoa! I knew I had put the blog on the back burner, but honestly had no idea it had been SO long. I'm committed to refocusing a little time updating now that the kids are back in school so bear with me as I share about summer activities, first day of school and such in the next week or so.

Today I wanted to share this "poem" that was given to us on back to school night.

Children Are ...
Amazing, acknowledge them
Believable, trust them
Childlike, allow them
Divine, honor them
Energetic, nourish them
Fallible, embrace them
Gifts, treasure them
Here now, be with them
Innocent, delight with them
Joyful, appreciate them
Kindhearted, learn from them
Lovable, cherish them
Magical, fly with them
Noble, esteem them
Open-minded, respect them
Precious, value them
Questioners, encourage them
Resourceful, support them
Spontaneous, enjoy them
Talented, believe in them
Unique, affirm them
Vulnerable, protect them
Whole, recognize them
Xtraspecial, celebrate them
Yearning, notice them
Zany, laugh with them

This first month of school has proven to be difficult so as I pulled this out today and reread it, I paused to reflect on each of these adjectives (character traits if you will). Each trait can easily be seen in our children - some more than others. I wish to embrace, build up & esteem these traits in them. So when they come home ravishing hungry, grumbling about the low points of the day or complaining about homework assignments or less than perfect grades (we live with a child who strives for perfection), I want to delight in them rather than allow my tensions to rise; affirm them that they are great students giving it their all; and celebrate them when they reach benchmarks and their personal goals.

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