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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happy Father's Day

Happy {belated} Father's Day to this handsome guy. 
To the one who is greeted with squeals and embraces upon returning home from work. 
To the one who is our handyman; Mr. Fixit; ask and he will build it man.
To our landscaper and lawn care keeper.
To the one who plays catch, hits countless golf balls and pushes the swing a little longer and higher. 
To our provider and protector.
To the one our three beautiful kiddos call Daddy-O. 

We love you endlessly ...
and will never grow tired of planting kisses on you!
Well maybe Boo will, but we won't tell him that yet :)
And to my Dad,
You are treasured.
You are loved.
You are such a big part of who I am and have become - both the good and the ugly not so good. I am a people lover just like you. We know no stranger and make everyone to feel liked and appreciated. I am short on patience just like you. We both need to work on this one :) I am bold in making a situation right when I have been wronged just like you (hellooooo AT&T Uverse billing department). I ask a million questions, sometimes questions that aren't any of my business,  just like you. We are detail people and we aren't afraid to ask for information when it isn't given. I am frugal and conscientious of spending money wisely just like you. My mealtime isn't complete without it being followed by something sweet  just like your mealtimes. (Does having a sweat tooth qualify as a good quality we share or does that fall into the not so good category? :)) I love my family fiercely just like you
You are an incredible encourager and supporter of your family.
You are a huge blessing as both a Father and Grandfather to ALL your grands.
You make us laugh!
I don't tell you enough how much your love means to me and how your presence in my family's life makes it richer. 

To both of you,
I love you! We love you!
Happy Father's Day!

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