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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Spring GOTR

You Go Girl!
You Go Girl, Go!
Another season has come and gone of Girls on the Run. It was a season chalk full of inspiring girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience based curriculum which incorporates a lesson, stretching, warm up (practical application of the lesson) and running. 
It was also a season of seeing the returning girls grow exponentially in their strengths. For some that is encouraging other girls, for others being an amazing team player and yet others interjecting humor into our time together. Each girl grew in their love of running ... or so I like to think they each did :)
{Gabrielle celebrating the completion of our practice 5K} 
Each GOTR teammate was encouraged to invite someone to participate in the practice 5K as their running buddy. Gabi chose no other than her beloved teacher, Mrs. Lindsey. Maci was such a source of encouragement to Gabrielle which I believe strongly factored into her shaving several minutes off her completion time from the Fall season's practice run. 
We had 13 girls participate in the Spring session of GOTR. We will lose two of our participants this coming Fall as they will be moving on to middle school however we are expecting a lot of growth and are already making plans for a 2nd team! 
I spent the better part of an afternoon the week before our season finale 5K race making pinwheel hair bows for the team to wear. The lead coach, Nicole, reverse tie dyed our race tee shirts which turned out great! 
The Friday prior to the season ending 5K run at Corporate Woods we completed a service project. The girls each decorated a dozen paper lunch sacks and stuffed them with canned meat, fruit, chips, granola bar and bottled water to feed the homeless in the KC area. I loved watching some of the girls tap into their artistic side. 
It was a bittersweet ending to our Spring GOTR season. We had an absolutely perfect morning for our race. I am blessed to be a small part of instilling great values and encouragement into these girls. I'm already anticipating the Fall season and new curriculum!

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Phyllis said...

Go!! Super MOM!! The bows and t-shirts were cute. The girls will remember your devotion. PH