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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feeling the Love

We road tripped to Springfield this past weekend to spend a quiet weekend with the Hicks side of the family. Friday evening was spent just visiting with GG & Grandpa. Saturday was fun filled with time spent with both Aunt Shari and Aunt Pam. This was Pam's 1st time to meet Dawson. Sunday we met up with Travis's high school buddy and golf partner Rod and his wife Jenny at Incredible Pizza to over indulge at the buffet and to allow Gabrielle some fun play time in the game/ride area. She loved the simulated roller coaster ride and the mini merry-go-round.

This is the look of a little girl bubbling with love

This is the fort which Aunt Shari helped Gabrielle build

Aunt Shari was present at the birth of Gabrielle and they have had a very special relationship since the beginning

Gabrielle sat so patiently while Aunt Pam french braided her hair

Big love from "Aunt Pammie"

Pam will soon a grandma times two!! A grandson, Lucas, due in March and granddaughter, Addison, due in July. She has the natural touch with little ones. Dawson snuggled right in.

Gabi is such a Daddy's girl right now. She simply adores him. It is so endearing to see her face light up when he arrives home from work and to hear her chuckle with glee when he plays his silly games with her. He is such an amazing Daddy.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

She says !?!?

** We walked in on a mess Quila made out of a formula packet and Gabrielle says “Holy crap!” After I asked “What did you just say?” she says “Sorry Mommy, sorry … holy macaroll” Where did she learn that??? She gave me her pat answer which is "from school." Ms. Kim what are you teaching these kids?
** She says her 1st curse words which I am quite sure she DID NOT learn at school. I believe we have Bart Simpson to thank for that one.
** She says to Ms. Kim "why don't I have a tail?" after walking in on her buddy Cody going to the potty.
** She tells Lisa "Today is Tuesday and it is my special day with my Mema. We are going to play and then watch Biggest Loser together. There are lots of ladies on there that have big boobies." What is the deal with her sudden fascination with the world of privates?
** She says it is OK to be squishy
** She says "When I am older I am going to wear pink and purple eyescara (mascara).
and most recently
** She said "Mommy, I don't feel very well. My mouth hurts. It feels like it is full of bugs." I gave her something to drink and she said "I'm all better now. The bugs are gone."

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Furry Friend

Dawson quickly made a good friend in Quila. Today when he woke from napping Quila raced in to meet/greet him. She put her little paws up on the railing wanting to get a peek at him so what does a dog lover do? I picked her up and put her in the crib to greet him.

See how her little paw rests affectionately on his arm? She nestles up next to him (practically on top of him) when he is eating or napping in my arms. She just loves being close to him.

Then big sister needed in on the action

Her "air" hug

Look out Hollywood

We can thank Grandpa Dallas and his Enterprise finds for these sunglass beauties. Ever since Gabrielle was much younger and was speaking she would look in the mirror and say "Hollywood." Now she says "Do I look like Hollywood?" I thought these pics were very fitting.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Labor of Love

I was rummaging through a pile of paperwork on the top shelf of our closet and found a little hidden gift that I had long forgotten about. Funny thing is, is that I have wanted to make a short road trip to Mardel to purchase this very thing for the past month now. My parents bought a really nice leather bound Bible for Travis several years back and had enclosed a set of index tabs (not sure of the proper name for them). My mom chose not to put them on in the case Travis wasn't happy with the Bible. Anyhow, I wanted to do something for Travis for Valentine's Day as he does something for me, and well he is just IMPOSSIBLE to buy for SO I put the tabs in his Bible today. Truth is, it is really more for me than for him as I use his Bible almost daily. What a time consuming chore. Can I just say this is not the task for someone who is a perfectionist with the little things such as I. UGH! I just finished up and am now a day behind in my Bible study. Go figure ... I was "playing" with the Bible instead of putting it to use.

Happy Valentine's Day Y'all

Our day was full of fun, friends & family. We met up with Rene' and Tatum at Hobby Lobby to rake in on the paper and sticker sale. We then ate heartattack on a bun together at McDonald's. I bought Gabrielle a musical card from Hallmark which she has played at least a hundred dozen times already. Thanks Aunt Shari for introducing her to this little delight. I was also stoked to find these adorable canvas growth charts for both kids at HL that I purchased with the money they received in their Valentines cards. I am looking forward to finding some cute knobs and getting them hung in their rooms. Gabi received way too much chocolate and candy goodies between what we bought her and what Mema gave her. Travis surprised me with a very unexpected gift when he arrived home from work which I loved and can't wait to enjoy.

Dawson getting a little lovin' from his Mema

My parents treated our family to a quick bite and some good conversation at Chick-fil-a. Yum! We arrived shortly before my Dad so we allowed Gabrielle to play in the play area for a short time.

Anyone who knows me knows that I haven't quite gotten past the germ factor. This is only her 2nd time to play in a "public" play arena. We used our fair share of the sani-wipes that they provide for cleaning little fingers/faces. GG bought Gabi this cute little V-Day shirt at Wal-Mart and she has gotten plenty of wear out of it.

She looks like a member of the pose' in the pic
Well, off for now. I hope everyone had a love filled day!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lesson Learned

This e-mail greated me this morning when I logged in. It is from my mom. She is so gracious in gifting her time to Travis and I each Tuesday evening so we can participate in our small group setting. Sorry if it embarrasses you that I am posting mom, but I don't want to forget it...

"I meant to tell you this last night – this was so cute but taught me a lesson. While I was trying to shampoo my hair Gabi apparently took the plastic thingamajig out of the bottom of the sink and was playing with it on the floor. When I noticed it I said “Gabi, give it back to me right now or your mom will have my skin.” Oops – for the next few minutes she kept asking me how mommy was going to have my skin – is she going to use a knife, will she hurt me, will she take it all off, etc. I won’t be saying that again anytime soon.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Full Weekend

I was excited to receive a phone call from Molly aka Skooter Wednesday evening letting me know she and Matt were making a trip to KC and wanted to get together to meet Dawson. The Morris family has been very near and dear to me for many! years now. Andrew, the oldest of three, is in med school at KU so they come to town periodically to visit. Can I just say my kids are SO very spoiled by them. Molly and Matt brought the softest, cutest stuffed dog for Gabi which she promptly named Tanner after our neighbors dog whom she adores and a cute outfit for little D for the spring/summer and one for next winter. Mo and Ms. Audra doted all their time and attention on Gabrielle. She put on quite the show for them. They were both amazing with her and definitely filled her love tank to overflowing. Thanks so much to you both!!! Molly surprised us all by asking Gabrielle to be the flower girl in their September wedding in my hometown in NW Iowa. I am really excited for this trip as my children will get to see where I grew up as the church is located right next to my family home where I was raised. Anytime with the Morris gang is gauranteed to be a good time. Here are pics from Friday night -

Saturday I scrapped with several others girls from CRCC at the ScrapBook Page in Shawnee. I semi completed 11 pages (thanks to Ms. Cheney's creative juice which I lack). I am ready to plung forward and stay on task with working on recent events: sledding, the father/daughter dance, Gabi's 3rd birthday party, 3 yr & 4 month JCP photo shoot, etc.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Catching up!!!

Catching Up! Some time has passed since my 1st post. Much has happened since then that I will quickly recap. I had both kids to their pediatrician on Friday the 18th for their well child exams. It was a visit packed full of info to say the least. A big thanks goes out to my Dad for accompanying me and offering a helping hand with the kids. That one visit led to 4 additional consultations. Gabrielle met with the allergy specialist yesterday to discuss her egg, milk, peanut & dog allergy. We were instructed to keep Quila out of her bedroom to reduce the allergans Gabrielle is exposed to. How that is going to be manageable, I can't forsee. Quila loves to nap on the huge pile of pillows & stuffed animals in the corner of Gabi's room. We will soon be meeting with a pediatric nutrionalist at Children's Mercy to help with meal & snack planning. Right now her diet consists of a lot of cheese, yogurt and milk! Dawson is currently in physical therapy for congenital left torticollis.

You can read about his condition here: We have been deligent about the home exercises and reduction of time spent on his head however that hasn't prevented his little skull from becoming flat so we made a road trip to KU this past Friday to meet with the orthotic department for measurements to see if a cranial remolding helmet would be required. He currently falls in the moderate to severe range however they encouraged us to take the next 5 weeks to continue to work with him and at that time they will reevaluate. They don't like to helmet babies that are younger than 5 1/2 months. Please be praying that his little nugget will mold beautifully on its own without the need for a helmet. Saturday the 26th Travis and Gabrielle had a Daddy/daughter date night at the Pretty in Pink father/daughter dance at CRCC. She looked like such a little lady in her dress. She LOVED her princess shoes and insisted on us listening to her tap across the hardwoods in the kitchen endlessly. They returned from the dance worn out and with Gabrielle's dress torn.

This past week was fun filled with two birthday parties, a baby shower for Allyson who is welcoming baby #3, and the birth of 2 new precious baby girls to families in our church. Well, I am off to stir the pot of chili I have going for supper and to prepare a baked good for MOPS in the morning.