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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

She says !?!?

** We walked in on a mess Quila made out of a formula packet and Gabrielle says “Holy crap!” After I asked “What did you just say?” she says “Sorry Mommy, sorry … holy macaroll” Where did she learn that??? She gave me her pat answer which is "from school." Ms. Kim what are you teaching these kids?
** She says her 1st curse words which I am quite sure she DID NOT learn at school. I believe we have Bart Simpson to thank for that one.
** She says to Ms. Kim "why don't I have a tail?" after walking in on her buddy Cody going to the potty.
** She tells Lisa "Today is Tuesday and it is my special day with my Mema. We are going to play and then watch Biggest Loser together. There are lots of ladies on there that have big boobies." What is the deal with her sudden fascination with the world of privates?
** She says it is OK to be squishy
** She says "When I am older I am going to wear pink and purple eyescara (mascara).
and most recently
** She said "Mommy, I don't feel very well. My mouth hurts. It feels like it is full of bugs." I gave her something to drink and she said "I'm all better now. The bugs are gone."


lizz said...

hahaha, she is so cute. i love what kids say. aidan keeps asking me why i have squishies...then he proceeds to poke me in the chest.

Lisa said...

Hi Christine, I didn't realize you had a blog! I'm so excited! Have a good day!