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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Catching up!!!

Catching Up! Some time has passed since my 1st post. Much has happened since then that I will quickly recap. I had both kids to their pediatrician on Friday the 18th for their well child exams. It was a visit packed full of info to say the least. A big thanks goes out to my Dad for accompanying me and offering a helping hand with the kids. That one visit led to 4 additional consultations. Gabrielle met with the allergy specialist yesterday to discuss her egg, milk, peanut & dog allergy. We were instructed to keep Quila out of her bedroom to reduce the allergans Gabrielle is exposed to. How that is going to be manageable, I can't forsee. Quila loves to nap on the huge pile of pillows & stuffed animals in the corner of Gabi's room. We will soon be meeting with a pediatric nutrionalist at Children's Mercy to help with meal & snack planning. Right now her diet consists of a lot of cheese, yogurt and milk! Dawson is currently in physical therapy for congenital left torticollis.

You can read about his condition here: We have been deligent about the home exercises and reduction of time spent on his head however that hasn't prevented his little skull from becoming flat so we made a road trip to KU this past Friday to meet with the orthotic department for measurements to see if a cranial remolding helmet would be required. He currently falls in the moderate to severe range however they encouraged us to take the next 5 weeks to continue to work with him and at that time they will reevaluate. They don't like to helmet babies that are younger than 5 1/2 months. Please be praying that his little nugget will mold beautifully on its own without the need for a helmet. Saturday the 26th Travis and Gabrielle had a Daddy/daughter date night at the Pretty in Pink father/daughter dance at CRCC. She looked like such a little lady in her dress. She LOVED her princess shoes and insisted on us listening to her tap across the hardwoods in the kitchen endlessly. They returned from the dance worn out and with Gabrielle's dress torn.

This past week was fun filled with two birthday parties, a baby shower for Allyson who is welcoming baby #3, and the birth of 2 new precious baby girls to families in our church. Well, I am off to stir the pot of chili I have going for supper and to prepare a baked good for MOPS in the morning.

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Shari Day said...

I Loved It!! Great job Christine! It makes me miss the kids ssoooooo mad me cry! Loved the glasses! Sorry about the Princess dress, she still looked BEAUTIFUL! Would love a picture, also of Dawson and QiQi! As always you are always in my prayers..God Bless, HUUGGGSSSandKKIISSEESSSX10 Aunt Shari