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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lesson Learned

This e-mail greated me this morning when I logged in. It is from my mom. She is so gracious in gifting her time to Travis and I each Tuesday evening so we can participate in our small group setting. Sorry if it embarrasses you that I am posting mom, but I don't want to forget it...

"I meant to tell you this last night – this was so cute but taught me a lesson. While I was trying to shampoo my hair Gabi apparently took the plastic thingamajig out of the bottom of the sink and was playing with it on the floor. When I noticed it I said “Gabi, give it back to me right now or your mom will have my skin.” Oops – for the next few minutes she kept asking me how mommy was going to have my skin – is she going to use a knife, will she hurt me, will she take it all off, etc. I won’t be saying that again anytime soon.

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