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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feeling the Love

We road tripped to Springfield this past weekend to spend a quiet weekend with the Hicks side of the family. Friday evening was spent just visiting with GG & Grandpa. Saturday was fun filled with time spent with both Aunt Shari and Aunt Pam. This was Pam's 1st time to meet Dawson. Sunday we met up with Travis's high school buddy and golf partner Rod and his wife Jenny at Incredible Pizza to over indulge at the buffet and to allow Gabrielle some fun play time in the game/ride area. She loved the simulated roller coaster ride and the mini merry-go-round.

This is the look of a little girl bubbling with love

This is the fort which Aunt Shari helped Gabrielle build

Aunt Shari was present at the birth of Gabrielle and they have had a very special relationship since the beginning

Gabrielle sat so patiently while Aunt Pam french braided her hair

Big love from "Aunt Pammie"

Pam will soon a grandma times two!! A grandson, Lucas, due in March and granddaughter, Addison, due in July. She has the natural touch with little ones. Dawson snuggled right in.

Gabi is such a Daddy's girl right now. She simply adores him. It is so endearing to see her face light up when he arrives home from work and to hear her chuckle with glee when he plays his silly games with her. He is such an amazing Daddy.

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