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Monday, February 11, 2008

Full Weekend

I was excited to receive a phone call from Molly aka Skooter Wednesday evening letting me know she and Matt were making a trip to KC and wanted to get together to meet Dawson. The Morris family has been very near and dear to me for many! years now. Andrew, the oldest of three, is in med school at KU so they come to town periodically to visit. Can I just say my kids are SO very spoiled by them. Molly and Matt brought the softest, cutest stuffed dog for Gabi which she promptly named Tanner after our neighbors dog whom she adores and a cute outfit for little D for the spring/summer and one for next winter. Mo and Ms. Audra doted all their time and attention on Gabrielle. She put on quite the show for them. They were both amazing with her and definitely filled her love tank to overflowing. Thanks so much to you both!!! Molly surprised us all by asking Gabrielle to be the flower girl in their September wedding in my hometown in NW Iowa. I am really excited for this trip as my children will get to see where I grew up as the church is located right next to my family home where I was raised. Anytime with the Morris gang is gauranteed to be a good time. Here are pics from Friday night -

Saturday I scrapped with several others girls from CRCC at the ScrapBook Page in Shawnee. I semi completed 11 pages (thanks to Ms. Cheney's creative juice which I lack). I am ready to plung forward and stay on task with working on recent events: sledding, the father/daughter dance, Gabi's 3rd birthday party, 3 yr & 4 month JCP photo shoot, etc.

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