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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My boy is TWO

Monday September 21st we celebrated Dawson's 2nd year of life. The weeks preceding his birthday I found myself flooded with emotions. I caught myself crying on several occasions. I would watch him playing or would be loving on him and the tears would come. I am sad knowing that the baby stage is behind us. I miss all the newborn canoodling. I miss nursing him already and it has only been a few short weeks since he weaned (I thought it may never happen!) & believe it or not I miss his complete dependency on my fulfilling his every need. On the other hand I am overjoyed knowing how far we have come since his entrance into this world. We had somewhat of a rocky start with his trivial medical concerns in the beginning. Now here we are a year later and I have quickly forgotten about all the running from doctor appointment to doctor appointment. I look at my baby D and see a healthy boy abundant with energy, fearless, FULL of life. I continue to fall more and more in love with him daily. He is a handful and keeps us on our toes. I think he is 100% boy in full fashion :0)
I am honored that God hand picked me to be his Momma. I fall short so many times in my parenting, but I continue to strive to do my very best. We have been blessed with two very beautiful children, and for that I am eternally grateful!!

They say there is a special bond b/n daddy & daughter, mommy & son. So true!
Maybe it is because to me he is still my baby, but this little guy sure pulls on his Momma's heartstrings.

I asked Dawson what he wanted for his birthday and he said Mickey Mouse. I think he has seen it a total of 3 times (if that). It could be that he and sister play with the stuffed Mickey at Mema & Papa's frequently. We often hear him say "Oh toodle!" Love it!

I am throwing in a couple of cake pictures because they're cute. Just sayin'!

LOVE this kid!
What I want to remember about this stage of Dawson's life:
his amazing vocabulary
his love/hate relationship with his sister
how he knows no stranger
the neighbors total infatuation with him (they shower him with hugs and kisses)
my special time with him in the mornings while Gabi is at preschool
how he coined the name Daddy-O for Travis
his fierce stubbornness when he wants things his way

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This past weekend we went to Springfield for a multitude of celebrations. Saturday was my mother-in-law's 70th birthday (yes Phyllis I did just say 70!!). Saturday evening Travis's oldest sister Pam & her husband Brad hosted the family for a BBQ. The burgers were delicious, the baked macaroni & cheese divine and the ice cream dessert was absolutely to die for. I can't wait to make the recipe myself in the near future. We had planned to take the kids to the Springfield zoo on Saturday in celebration of Dawson's birthday but the never ending rain kept us indoors. We enjoyed a quiet morning in opening presents and visiting. Sunday morning we attended Hamlin Baptist church where Travis's uncle Gary is the interim preacher. I don't know that I could ever tire of listening to Gary preach. He is a gifted speaker and gave an amazing message. It was a special Sunday service as Phyllis was baptized - rededicating her life to Christ. Sunday would have also been Travis's parents 52nd wedding anniversary. Busy weekend of celebrating!

Dawson examining his gift determining the best way to tackle opening it.

Dawson practicing patience while Travis removes the ridiculous amount of wire attached to toys to prevent anyone from stealing them.

My two handsome boys - I love little D's smile :0)

Aunt Shari, Travis, GG & Dawson

The kids enjoying Dawson's new Elmo music book.
Dawson's birthday pics soon to come!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Lost Boy

Sale Notice

Jesus the Story Book Bible is currently on sale at Lifeway Christian Book Store for $10. You can read more about it as well as read friends "reviews" here. Mema picked this up for Dawson's 2nd birthday which is just around the corner!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Preschool 2009

This past week what we have come to know as our normal summer routine was shook up a little bit by the start of another school year. Gabrielle entered her last year of early childhood preparation prior kindergarten. Wednesday we had an informal meet the teacher session. Her teacher Mrs. G is in her 19th year of teaching at this particular school. NINETEEN years - I call that dedication and a true love for children. Mrs. G is one hip lady, full of life and has a passion for music which I was thrilled to find out.

Mrs. G made this train drawing and provided black circle stickers for wheels. The children placed one on the 1st wheel and one for each day with the last being placed the morning of school (Monday). Gabi had fun coloring the train and adding the days of the week below the wheels.

The first day of school.
Papa came over and spent the morning with Dawson so I could attend a parents meeting following drop off. He took this picture of the two of us before loading up in the van. I generally am not a fan of ANY picture of myself, but I was pleased with how a couple turned out.

Sassy outside her new school.

Walking the hall to the octopus room.
You can see the banner in the upper right hand corner.

Unloading her backpack.
Those of you who know me well will appreciate this picture.
Notice how the inside label has another childs name?
Garage sale find - enough said :0)
We are all excited for Gabrielle to embarck on this new venture. I pray that she expands her knowledge and that she makes great friendships throughout the course of the year.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Calling Martha

Martha Stewart, meet your match!

Both my kiddos tend to be right under foot as I am preparing meals. It can be frustrating at times. The other evening I was one child down so it made it somewhat easier to allow Dawson to "come along side of me" and help in the cooking. He was insistent on having his very own pan and mixing spoon. He wasn't content with having the pan empty so I added a little water which seemed to please the little guy and kept him busy for a period of time.

He must have thought that what he was cooking up was pretty good because he frequently would stop his mixing to take a taste test.

Make that darn good! There was no holding him back :)