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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Preschool 2009

This past week what we have come to know as our normal summer routine was shook up a little bit by the start of another school year. Gabrielle entered her last year of early childhood preparation prior kindergarten. Wednesday we had an informal meet the teacher session. Her teacher Mrs. G is in her 19th year of teaching at this particular school. NINETEEN years - I call that dedication and a true love for children. Mrs. G is one hip lady, full of life and has a passion for music which I was thrilled to find out.

Mrs. G made this train drawing and provided black circle stickers for wheels. The children placed one on the 1st wheel and one for each day with the last being placed the morning of school (Monday). Gabi had fun coloring the train and adding the days of the week below the wheels.

The first day of school.
Papa came over and spent the morning with Dawson so I could attend a parents meeting following drop off. He took this picture of the two of us before loading up in the van. I generally am not a fan of ANY picture of myself, but I was pleased with how a couple turned out.

Sassy outside her new school.

Walking the hall to the octopus room.
You can see the banner in the upper right hand corner.

Unloading her backpack.
Those of you who know me well will appreciate this picture.
Notice how the inside label has another childs name?
Garage sale find - enough said :0)
We are all excited for Gabrielle to embarck on this new venture. I pray that she expands her knowledge and that she makes great friendships throughout the course of the year.


Rene' said...

so cute! I love her smile.
Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

I am looking at all your pictures tonight. 10-7-09 Left a comment on Dawson cooking. I know those first days of school can be emotional new mothers, too. But Gabrielle is getting to be more confident and beautiful each day. Thank you for recording her first day of school. Love that gal, too. GG