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Monday, October 4, 2010

Iowa Pics

I am back with a handful of pictures from our weekend trip to Iowa. I had a 100% brain block when it came to changing the settings on my point and shoot camera, so please forgive the picture quality. Of course as soon as I returned home it came back to me. One of these days I will make it a priority to find where we housed the camera manual upon our move.

Terry approaching our table making sure every one's drink needs were met. He was in charge of the red hot tickets. I am pretty sure I caught Molly off guard in this shot. Sorry Skooter!

The newly married couple: Ryan & Katie Morris with baby boy to be awaiting his arrival just four short weeks after our little miss will join our family.

Dawson loving all the attention that Terry was showering upon him.
Katie picked up glow bracelets and little wooden picture frame crafts that kept the kids entertained early in the evening before they started tearing up the dance floor.

Molly with the kids.
A little side note - Gabi was almost a Molly Christine versus Gabrielle.
This girl means the world to me. She was/is the little sister I never had. She was the junior brides maid at our wedding {reception}. Gabrielle was the flower girl in her and Matt's wedding just two years prior to Ryan and Katie's union. She spoils the kids and makes them know without a question of a doubt that they are as special to her as their mommy is.

My two monkeys near the end of the evening horsing around.
They were both in such great spirits during the party. Praise the Lord, as Travis and I were concerned about dealing with ill behavior.

And last but not least a quick shot of the six of us before parting home for Kansas.
Matt, Mo, Travis, myself & the two little people