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Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Life is all about Singing

My Life is all about Singing
By Gabrielle Hicks
Written 03/26/12

This is what I like to do, I do it every day. 
It's my favorite thing to do I say.
Can you guess what it is?
It's also good exercise. Well, sort of.
Every night I listen to music and dream until tomorrow when I can sing again.
Oh, and that's not all. I want to tell you even more! I like singing at home and sometimes I like whisper singing in school.
I have lots of fun singing! 
It's basically the only thing I do. 
You should try it too and be like me.
Anyways, why not give it a try?
I'd like it if you did that.
That would make me really really HAPPY!
I asked my dad to sign me up for singing. 
Well, not for lessons because I'm already good at it.
That's why I like it!
It's just amazing how I never even took lessons.
It's like boom, there you go Gabi, well actually that's my name.
Now I need to tell you something else.
I'm only going to tell you my first and last name.
My first name is Gabrielle and my last name is Hicks and that's all I wanted to tell you.
Remember that name, because one day I might be famous!

About the Author Gabrielle Hicks
Gabrielle lives in Olathe, Kansas
She loves dogs and she has a pet dog named Quila.
Gabrielle likes riding her bike and coloring.
She like her teacher too!

This masterpiece came home in Gabrielle's backpack yesterday. I didn't find it until this morning and it was music to my heart. 
No pun intended!
The child LOVES singing. We will often hear her speaking of it being her talent or gift. 
Some day, Ms. G, Daddy and Mommy will afford for you to take lessons. 
Some day. Until then, keep singing and dream big.
Love, Mommy

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Changing of Seasons

This past week brought us unseasonably warm weather for March in the Midwest.The kids spent every possible free moment outdoors playing with neighbor friends, riding bikes, drawing with sidewalk chalk or digging up worms. On this particular day Daddy was in the garage stripping and re-staining a table for our master bedroom and Papa's mothers antique end table for our entryway so we all passed the afternoon hours in the driveway.
McKenna wasn't happy that the bigs were bicycling and scootering (is that even a word?) and she didn't have anything near as fun to entertain herself. Dawson brought out his old beloved Mater toy from the basement and girlfriend instantly became attached.
She loved motoring herself around and squealed in delight when we pushed her. I was so concerned her piggies would become raw from the cement.
Gabrielle is always expressing her love for her family as shown in her simple sentiment in sidewalk chalk. Looking back I wish I would have kept a folder over the years with all her drawings of our family. It would have been fun to see the changes through her eyes.
And this. 
Well, what's wrong with a little snot for a snack once in a while? Baby girl was a snot factory for a few short days while she cut her upper first molars. This makes six teeth up top and two on bottom. And in other news, she is finally walking 100% of the time now. It's like something clicked and she came to the realization that walking in fact does get you from point A to point B just as fast or faster than speed crawling :)

Friday, March 16, 2012


We are part of an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G growth group through our church, Cedar Ridge Christian Church. I love the couples that have become such an integral part of my Christian walk. I love the readings, teaching, the discussions & depth shared within. I love the shared prayer requests and the privilege of praying for others requests. But what I may love most is the encouragement and accountability we share with one another. Recently a particular couple made the decision to partake in the Daniel Fast. If you aren't familiar, you can read more here. They didn't challenge others to participate, but what they did do is ask that others would come alongside of them and partner in prayer during their time of fasting. I was amazed at how others returned the following week to say that they had decided as individuals or as a couple to also commit to the fast. Not just the diet part, but also establishing prayer & other "fasting" commitments during the period as well. Did I personally consider doing the fast? Nope. Not me. I knew in my heart of hearts I would fail. I am admitting my shortcomings and am not proud of it. For those of you who really know me well, you will know that I have food issues. Don't misread that. I am not and have never been an anorexic, bulimic or anything of the sorts. When I state I have food issues, I mean I eat A LOT and have no self control when it comes to food restraint. The flesh part of me became jealous of those who had the will, determination and dedication to advance with the Daniel Fast but the drive in me said, "What is something else that I 'serve' or that has control over me that I can fast from?" Want to know how long it took for me to answer that? Point two seconds! So the fasting began and the fasting has ended with LARGE SUCCESS. I chose to fast or abstain from my daily Dr. Pepper intake, any & all interaction with Facebook and Pinterest. These things may seem small to some, but to me they were holding me a prisoner in my daily life. I had the impulsive NEED to have my DP with lunch everyday, I was hostage to the ease and access of my smart phone being readily available to check or update my status on Facebook multiple many times a day, I fell into the trap of wanting more, desiring talents that others had, etc through the eye of Pinterest. I began my fast on Monday February 20th and ended Monday March 12th. I didn't have a DP until Tuesday and you know what? It wasn't satisfying. In fact I threw 1/2 of it out. I did log back into Pinterest on Wednesday of this week and am going to limit my time and use of it in the future. As for Facebook, I am going to continue "fasting" from it through the lent season and reevaluate at that time. It has been pretty amazing to me that God has completely removed that compulsive "need" from me. Will I return to FB? Most likely yes. I love keeping up with my previous school mates, out of town friends, relatives, etc. I enjoy seeing their photos and learning about what life is throwing their way through reading their statuses. What did I gain from my time of fasting? More quality time with my family, a cleaner more organized home, more energy (no lie), and increased self worth. I spent the time that I used to get sucked into FB and/or Pinterest doing my daily women's Bible study reading, our weekly chapter assignment reading for our growth group, having more meaningful conversations with friends, I cooked and baked more (the fam' would say praise Jesus to this), and just generally had more time to be
And it {fasting} was good! God is good!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Little Bear Cub

Meet Micah aka Little Bear
He is an incredibly beautiful boy with brown eyes and the perfect little eyelashes. His momma and daddy started their search for a childcare provider for their little guy well before he entered the world. After his momma Lynee met with me and together she & Mark prayed about it, they asked me if I would watch after Little Bear the few hours a week that she works. I feel honored and privileged that they are entrusting him to my care.
Lynee returns to work in just 2 weeks so in an effort to make that time of transition a teensy bit easier for both mommy & babe, I am keeping Micah a few hours one day a week the next couple of weeks. We had him Thursday late morning/early afternoon for the 1st time.
Can you tell someone was a little smitten with him?
McKenna LOVED having a "baby" in the house. She shared plenty of gentle hugs & did a great job of sharing her toys with him. She even wanted to help when it came time to his bottle feeding.
It's a bit surreal to look at these pictures and see my baby loving on another {much smaller} baby. It goes without saying that time flies with our wee ones.  I'm excited to see how my kiddos will adjust to my attention being diverted to a newborns needs and our schedules changing up a bit. There is just an 11 month age difference between McKenna and Micah. I can only hope they will grow to become fantastic friends!