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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Changing of Seasons

This past week brought us unseasonably warm weather for March in the Midwest.The kids spent every possible free moment outdoors playing with neighbor friends, riding bikes, drawing with sidewalk chalk or digging up worms. On this particular day Daddy was in the garage stripping and re-staining a table for our master bedroom and Papa's mothers antique end table for our entryway so we all passed the afternoon hours in the driveway.
McKenna wasn't happy that the bigs were bicycling and scootering (is that even a word?) and she didn't have anything near as fun to entertain herself. Dawson brought out his old beloved Mater toy from the basement and girlfriend instantly became attached.
She loved motoring herself around and squealed in delight when we pushed her. I was so concerned her piggies would become raw from the cement.
Gabrielle is always expressing her love for her family as shown in her simple sentiment in sidewalk chalk. Looking back I wish I would have kept a folder over the years with all her drawings of our family. It would have been fun to see the changes through her eyes.
And this. 
Well, what's wrong with a little snot for a snack once in a while? Baby girl was a snot factory for a few short days while she cut her upper first molars. This makes six teeth up top and two on bottom. And in other news, she is finally walking 100% of the time now. It's like something clicked and she came to the realization that walking in fact does get you from point A to point B just as fast or faster than speed crawling :)

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Chelsea said...

HA! We've been having lots of snot snacks around here this winter with all the colds and now this spring with the allergies. Oh, how fun motherhood is. :)