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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Little Bear Cub

Meet Micah aka Little Bear
He is an incredibly beautiful boy with brown eyes and the perfect little eyelashes. His momma and daddy started their search for a childcare provider for their little guy well before he entered the world. After his momma Lynee met with me and together she & Mark prayed about it, they asked me if I would watch after Little Bear the few hours a week that she works. I feel honored and privileged that they are entrusting him to my care.
Lynee returns to work in just 2 weeks so in an effort to make that time of transition a teensy bit easier for both mommy & babe, I am keeping Micah a few hours one day a week the next couple of weeks. We had him Thursday late morning/early afternoon for the 1st time.
Can you tell someone was a little smitten with him?
McKenna LOVED having a "baby" in the house. She shared plenty of gentle hugs & did a great job of sharing her toys with him. She even wanted to help when it came time to his bottle feeding.
It's a bit surreal to look at these pictures and see my baby loving on another {much smaller} baby. It goes without saying that time flies with our wee ones.  I'm excited to see how my kiddos will adjust to my attention being diverted to a newborns needs and our schedules changing up a bit. There is just an 11 month age difference between McKenna and Micah. I can only hope they will grow to become fantastic friends!


Lynee said...

I love the pictures! I too hoe Little Bear and McKenna have lots of fun times together. How blessed we are to have found such a loving home for Little Bear when we're at work.

Chelsea said...

OH my gosh, that's sweet! Look at McKenna loving on Micah! AH!