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Monday, February 27, 2012

G's Room Make Over

This is post is LONG overdue as this mini makeover took place several months back. When we found out we were expecting McKenna we played room switcheroo. What was Gabrielle's bedroom became the nursery and what was previously our guest bedroom/my craft area became Gabrielle's room. It is a huge bedroom - what some may call a 2nd master with a full en suite bathroom. When we made the room swap we did little other than move Gabi's furniture and belonging into the space. We left the walls the builder beige color they were, hung a few of her decorative pieces and called it done. The walls screamed for a fresh coat of paint and much to our surprise Gabrielle picked out this purple ... not what I would have guessed nor picked, but we went with it.
We had wanted a homework station for G the past year or so but just never pulled the trigger on it. Then one day I stumbled upon this old antique desk and chair at a local antique store. Handy hubs sanded it and gave it several coats of Krylon's Watermelon paint. I also picked up the matching candle sconce & the circle turquoise {pie plate} frame at the antique store.
We changed out the original hardware and bam, instant cuteness! The lamp dates back to Gabrielle's nursery, the funky frame was a gift from my niece & I crafted the pencil holder out of an old cardboard tube, some craft paper & pom pom trim. The storage tray is from the Target dollar spot.
To the left of the desk is her "play" & reading area. The doll house that you are getting a peek of is one of thee best garage sale purchases that has ever entered our home. We have had it for years now and I can honestly say it gets played with multiple times throughout the week. To my surprise it has held up beautifully!
See that hallway there on the left? The wall directly behind the frames houses the closet and the bathroom is at the end of the hall. Awkward? Yes, a little.
I wanted to do something with the long wall opposite the closet. What better place to display some of Gabrielle's masterpieces! And that hot mess on the right is where she hangs her plethora of purses, scarves, hats, bathrobe, super G cape, etc.  Praise the Lord there was a stud located there.
This is the view from the foot of the bed. We have a terrific queen sized bed just taking up space in our basement, but sister is perfectly happy in her comfy twin bed. She is our cuddle bug so I think she would feel somewhat "lost" in a bigger bed.
And opposite the bed is her dresser.
Gabi is loving the finished room. I'm thrilled that it all came together in just a couple of days time thanks to a dedicated Daddy!


Lynee said...

Totally cute room!

Chelsea said...

Adorable! I especially love the desk. I've seen quite a few just like that on craigslist. How do you get your hubby to do the painting? Refinishing furniture is always MY job. Boo. Travis will have to nudge Tim. :)

Love the whole thing, great job mama!