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Monday, February 13, 2012

What's in a Name?

I was cleaning out a drawer today and came across a post it note with your potential names scribbled all over it. I don't recall ever keeping similar records for Gabrielle or Dawson so before stashing it in the pit I call my craft area or worse yet tossing it, I wanted to take a couple of minutes and record the names that we considered for you.

Emersyn/Emmerson - Mommy was pretty dead set on this name. I liked Emme for short which I thought went well with Gabrielle's nickname, Gabi. Daddy never was a fan thinking it was more of a masculine name. I really thought I could convince him to fall in love with it, but alas he never did.
Gianna - this name placed heavily at the top of the list. We liked Gia for short.
Molly - this name was on our short list when naming Gabrielle as well. She was born and more than a day old before we settled on Gabrielle Annique over Molly Christine. I have always loved the name Molly!
Annalise - a French combination of Anna & Elise, both classic beautiful names
Luca Bella - Luca is possibly a female version of the name Luke and Bella is an old French expression meaning beautiful

Kate - has and will most likely always be one of both Daddy & Mommy's favorite names
Grace - Mommy's maternal great grandmother's 1st name
Lily - Mommy's maternal grandmother's given name was Lillian Muriel however she always went by Muriel or Mur for short. I have always loved the name Lily and had even asked Daddy about using a combination of both my grandmother's names Lily Grace.
Christine - your Mema's middle name and Mommy's 1st name
Claire - again just another beautiful name I like. Your big sis was "named" Emma Claire at the time of my baby shower before we completely nixed it from the list :)

We narrowed our favorites down to Gianna Grace, Harper Kate & Molly Christine before your Daddy got the itch from out of no man's land to name you McKenna. When Daddy chose the name McKenna for you we immediately knew we wanted to be able to call you MJ, so began the hunt for a middle name. I liked Jane from the start, Daddy liked Jewell (Y.U.C.K!). We both liked Journey so-so and loved Jentry but we quickly decided a single syllable name flowed the best with McKenna so you are our sweet, sweet McKenna Jane.

McKenna - the literal English interpretation is Son of Kenneth
Jane - God is Gracious
God showed his favor on us when he added you to our family. You truly are such a ray of sunshine in our every day! Each of us gets a little lost in love with the little person you are. You make us smile, double over in laughter and make each of us realize our family wasn't complete before you became a part of it. We love YOU baby girl!!!


Lynee said...

What a cute idea for a blog. Can I copy?

Audra said...

Hey Chris,
I have been enjoying reading your blog and all the photos. I'm wondering how you are making the collages. Could you shoot me a message to let me know what program you use?
Thanks, and hope you are all well!

Chelsea said...

Oh what a fun blog post! I love, love, love the name game. All beautiful names, Christine! We considered some of those same names ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Now I think, more than ever, that you need to get your blog put in book form. Will you think about it? This was delightful to read and I personally think you chose the perfect name for our little princess. Mom

Mom in Spfld.MO said...

Christine, I have been reading your blog this rainy A.M. Those are precious pictures of MJ. Also your testimony to the Lord touched my heart. You all have a beautiful family. Love, GiGi