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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Little Man starts PreSchool

The Dawsonator, Dawson the Destroyer, D, Little Man, Boo aka Dawson Matthew started a preschool program Monday January 23rd. He is attending Heartland Early Childhood Center Monday - Thursday mornings from 8:25 - 11:25am. He was asked to participate as a peer model at the beginning of the school year but we didn't proceed for several reasons. Mainly that I was selfish and wanted him to be in our neighborhood elementary program, the monthly cost/tuition wasn't within our "budget", and truth be told I wasn't too sure I was ready to let go of him four mornings a week. So ... when it came around to enrollment for the 2012 - 2013 school year the administrative secretary revisited the opportunity with us as his spot remained unfilled. Call it a change of heart, but we couldn't be happier having him there. Like most "proud" parents we walked him to his classroom to get him acclimated with camera in tow and the little toot would have nothing to do with it. He was unsure he wanted to be there (which his teacher later informed us lasted all of 45 seconds) so Ms. Christie thought it best if we leave and she proceed to walk him through the class room and make introductions, etc. She was very sweet to snap this picture of his 1st day and e-mail it to us.
Chapped lips - check
Terrible hair cut - check
Cutest kid in the class - check
OK, so maybe that last one is a little biased
His 2nd day of school he woke up with a cough. I didn't give it much notice until it progressed throughout the day and by bedtime the poor kid was barking like a seal. He put in a miserable night Tuesday night so we kept him home from school Wednesday and paid the pediatrician a visit. Diagnosis: croup. Treatment remedy: Metylpredinsolone. The course of treatment was only three days so come Friday morning when he took his last dose he assumed he would head straight out the door to school. I think he likes it (school that is, not being sick)! I had to explain that he had three home days before returning to class on the following Monday.
Monday the 30th was his 1st day riding the school bus. This is BIG stuff in our house. There was a lot of excitement on Dawson's part and a bit of jealousy on big sister's part. His bus driver, Mrs. Maddie, is just the sweetest. She can't get over D's big smile each morning as he gets on the bus.
I pick him up daily and love hearing about his morning. I miss him, but baby girl misses him all the more.
Class size 12 students
Teacher - Christie Anderson + 2 full time support para educators

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GiGi said...

Thank you for the update on Dawson going to school. I am glad he likes it, and he is known by me for always having a smile for everyone. He looks cute on the school bus. McKenna has lost her playmate.