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Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Year's "To Do List"

I'm not one to make resolutions. Why? Because I would most likely fail very early on. So this year rather than make a resolution and set myself up for impending failure I decided to set several goals. When I look at my list it seems like a daunting set of tasks but I'm going to view them as just another to do list because who doesn't love making lists and having the satisfaction of checking items off once done?
My goals are to:
  • Revamp our utility room
    It is a pass through from the garage to the kitchen. It is narrow and not nearly large enough for what purposes we use it for; shredding of documents; housing the recycling; overstock storage; coat & accessory storage. We (because hubs is the fix it man around these parts) have a pretty good start on the mini makeover, but I am wanting to remove an existing cabinet, paint & install vertical floating shelves to house odd & end essentials.
  • Make more time for reading
    This one is pretty cut and dry
  • Familiarize myself with my camera and become a more seasoned "photographer"
    I'm sick and tired of hearing myself complain about not getting good quality photos. It's not the camera, it's the individual operating it, or in other words ME. Thanks to some great Internet resources and online classes I am in the very early stages of moving forward in achieving this goal.
  • Stream line and organize our families recipes
    My current method isn't working for me. I have recipes stored with links in a word document, typed out and filed in an e-mail folder, pinned on Pinterest, thrown haphazardly in a cabinet along side the many cookbooks we own and don't frequent. 
And the most daunting goal of them all. One which will be a true miracle in and of itself if and when it does indeed get checked off my to do list  completed is .....
  • To organize photos
    Including but not limited to storage (on the hard drive, external hard drive, burned to CD/DVD, printed & not scrapped or in an album, etc.), completed layouts that are not in their respective albums, uploading and printing photos. The.list.goes.on.and.on.and.on. I'm overwhelmed just giving it thought.
My hope is that at the end of this year I can look back and say that I completed each of these tasks or at the very list 3 of the 4. Can you guess which one may be forgone? Ha. Any and all accountability in keeping with achieving these goals is welcomed and appreciated.

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