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Friday, June 13, 2014

That's a Wrap

Another school year is in the books. No pun intended :) 
May 21st t'was a big day at the Hicks house.
This handsome dude graduated Kindergarten! 
Can you see the excitement in his face as we loaded for carpool? I could reach through this screen right NOW and plant a smooch on his adorable face! I'm so.not.ready for him to lose that baby face :(
This may be thee only picture I got of Dawson with his teacher, Mrs. Anita Davis.
Dawson's class grew from 16 to 18 at semester with twins, Will & Addison moving into the district. They were a great bunch of kids who were energetic but eager to learn.
The following day was Gabrielle's last day of 3rd grade. Unlike Dawson, she was NOT ready for the school year to come to an end! Any guesses why? Let me give you a hint. She is pictured above ^^^! We couldn't have asked for a better teacher for G. Ms. Lindsey was fun, full of energy (she had to be with a class of 27 rowdy, rambunctious, non-stop talking kids), encouraging, edifying, and an absolute treasure of a Christian example for our girl. She prayed regularly for and with Gabrielle.
As their mom, I was really looking forward to time at home with them this summer so was glad to say goodbye to the school year. We're keeping our summer carefree with minimal commitments. I somewhat chuckle as I type that as the kids have MAD camp this week, VBS next week, baseball season running through July, Gabrielle will attend her 1st overnight summer camp in early July and an online program that is occupying much of their time. Add doctor appointments, necessary errands, swimming & play dates to that and our weeks are full to overflowing!  
Look out Summer, we're out for some fun!

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