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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Awaiting Her Arrival

How do you summarize your feelings about knowing your life is about to be changed in a miraculous way once again? That your family is about to grow in size by one little incredible human being? I/we were anxious, excited & overjoyed about meeting our precious McKenna Jane. I/we were also nervously anticipating how our birth experience would transpire. I became very emotional while sitting in the check in area at the birthing unit discussing with Travis how it didn't seem possible that the day was finally here. We were about to become parents once again (and for our final time - that was the emotional part). God had brought us to this place and He was going to see us through it. As I sat there looking over at my husband I couldn't help but have a smile spread across my face. We made this beauty and we were about to meet her for the first time!!!

Let's get this party started!
Early morning awaiting the doctor's arrival to break my water

Walking the halls
I was eager to progress active labor and have things move along quickly.
The above photo was taken just after I had been checked by the nurse.
I was dilated to 7 cm and was 90% effaced.

Shortly after I hit the "wall"
I became nervous and began questioning my ability to bear the pain and have this new little one "naturally." Our nurse tenderly yet firmly reminded me if I were to become dilated to 9 cm and 100% effaced, getting an epidural was no longer an option. Eeekk! I was also informed that this could happen within a matter of a minute or two or it could take several more hours. She also told us that the anesthesiologist and student were in a surgery so she was unaware of how quickly they could get to our room to prep me for an epi. I tolerated the labor pains another 40 minutes before opting for the epidural just minutes before 1pm.

Travis was the most incredible support partner and encourager throughout
the entire labor & delivery.
He was game to follow my birth plan (whatever that may have been at the moment ... walking the hallways reminiscing and laughing, sitting on the birthing ball or just simply breathing through the more difficult contractions).

Post epidural waiting to become complete.
{Interject the word HELL here. If I could change the hands of time I would NOT have had that horrendous epidural. It was anything BUT a pleasant experience}

1, 2, 3 ... push!

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