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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mother/Father Appreciation Day at IDC

How did I let this happen again? I am so behind in keeping this blog current. Thursday May 13th Gabrielle's preschool program presented a Mother/Father Appreciation program. The kids sang two songs followed by refreshments and photographs of the kids taken with their parents. GG was in town visiting so she was able to join us for the event.

I love how she is biting her lip - deep in concentration.
The picture following this one {I didn't post} Gabrielle was scowling as her friend next to her inadvertently hit her with his drum stick. Poor thing!

Gabi with her lead teacher Ms. Shanan.
Her assistance teacher, Ms. Kathy, was absent recovering from surgery.


Rene' said...

The last picture of Gabi is sooo cute! I love that smile, you can tell that she really enjoys her teacher.

Mo said...

So do you have to style her hair or is it just always that cute?! Give her a big smooch for me.