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Thursday, March 28, 2013


Mother nature dumped a couple feet of snow on Kansas over the course of a week in late February which resulted in several snow days from school, lots of indoor playtime, snuggles by the fireplace and the perfect opportunity for sledding. 
Saturday, February 23rd we hit the hills just a couple of miles up the road. Initially we were the only family there before others joined closer to the noon hour. It was perfection! We weren't too sure what Little Miss would think of the events of the morning but she once again amazed us with her spirit of adventure. Travis and I quickly learned it's a good work out lugging a toddler up a steep incline in over a foot of snow time and time again. 
This was McKenna's 1st time down the hill.
And much to our surprise she didn't mind the snow blast to her face. The hill had seen many visitors before us which made for fun and fast sledding! 
It was SO much fun seeing the older two sledding independently as well as tandem sledding on the new sled they received the previous Christmas. 
Gabrielle tearing up the "slopes." 
And the craziest, most adventurous child of them all ... Travis. 
He not only spent a fair amount of time building a jump for us all (which resulted in many belly laughs, a few wipe outs and tears) but also decided he would brave snowboarding. On a plastic sled mind you. 
Burn out! 
This sweet ray of sunshine stayed bundled up atop a large mound of packed snow at the top the hill when not in action. She was and is such a trouper for always going with the flow even when the outing or planned event is geared toward the older two. 
She is growing up right before our eyes and is reminding us she isn't such a baby anymore. 


Anonymous said...

How fun for you! Did it bring back memories of you, Brett and Derek sledding in the Peterson Hills? Mom

Phyllis said...

Thank you for sharing your memories on the sledding trip. Lots of fun, and M.J. taking it all in, she is adorable. Family time is so important. Love, GG