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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

K Enrollment

Last Friday was Kindergarten enrollment for our little man. It's truly cra-zay! to think my baby boy is old enough to be starting school this coming Fall.
We are unsure whether D will be in morning or afternoon Kindergarten as the enrollment numbers only substantiate for one 1/2 day class and the district hasn't made a decision on hiring a part-time teacher or sharing with another elementary school within the district. So for now, we wait. This momma's fingers are crossed that it will be afternoons for a couple of reasons. 
1. He currently attends afternoon preschool five days a week and we are very accustomed to our "schedule."
2. Little Miss naps in the afternoon and I use that time to pay bills, blog, check e-mail, do my devotional and other reading, etc. 
Regardless of what the outcome is, he is elated to begin Kindergarten. 
Dawson was pumped to get to visit "sissy's school" and drop into her classroom for a quick hello and hug. It was an added bonus that I got to witness a group of fun and energetic Olathe NW Ravens Football guys reading to Gabi's class. Several class moms were there, so we all snapped a quick photo with our phones.

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