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Monday, September 29, 2008

Look who's ONE!

"Here comes the good stuff!"

"I am not so sure about the whole cupcake thing.
Mommy, can you give me a little taste?"

"That was pretty good! Let me give it a try."

"I got this thing licked."

"Mmmmm .... I am ready for seconds. Anybody with me?"

"With all that gift opening now someone is talking my language. SNACKS!!"

"This was Mommy's favorite gift I received.
Mommy's new man - that I definitely am!"

We can't believe our little man is already one! His 1st year of life flew by! Dawson has developed such a personality. One that is truly 100% boy. He is such a go getter ... constantly into something, putting anything in site in his mouth, playing hard, being a dare devil, causing his sissy to fuss over pulled hair or a toy, sucking on his binx or giving and getting lots of lovin' from his entire family. He has mastered speed crawling & cruising and is nearly walking. We are teaching him baby sign language. He loves a good book or to be sang to. His current favorite game is patty cake. It is a sure fire way to get him to smile or keep him distracted during diaper changes. He says DaDa, MaMa, Papa, more and bye-bye. He loves to blow kisses and waves good bye. We couldn't imagine our family without baby D. He is such a joy to us. He has forever changed our lives and our family. His wide mouth smile and belly laugh brighten our days.

Dawson, We love you through and through. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Too.

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Jason & Rene said...

I'm such a softy..this post made me cry!! I don't want the boys to grow up!!

Love you Baby D and happy birthday.

PS I had to scroll down to find the posted below a previous one or something..