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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Little Escape Artist

I turned around yesterday to get some more fruit out of the cupboard for my munchkin and when I turned back around a mear 15 seconds later this is how I found baby D

Need I say that I failed to buckle him in? How did the little turkey scheme up the idea to climb from his booster seat to the table top and make it happen in seconds flat? I am asking myself the same questions!!
Yet another lesson learned ... buckle up for safety :0)


Jason & Rene said...

cute!! and no my comment wasn't an indirect slam ;) You know I'd slam you in the face if I was being naughty..LOL.
Love ya

Lisa said...

He is so cute. How much baby food does he eat every day? It was never a problem with Kayla, she didn't really like it. But Madeline loves it and would eat it all day if I let her and I don't know how much is okay to let her have.

April D. Hunt said...

boys just never stop surprising us!