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Friday, August 29, 2008

1st day of Preschool Fall 2008

Tuesday the 26th marked the 1st day of a new adventure for Gabrielle. She entered the Britain Center preschool program as a peer model in Ms. Shanan Lee's class.

Ms. Shanan is pointing to picture cards that detail the days activities. As you can see from the above photo Gabrielle is intent on learning what her day holds ahead! Week ones lesson theme was apples and Gabi participated in OT on Tuesday and PT on Thursday.

Dawson received his physical therapy with Debbie on Tuesday morning as well. He has come great strides over the past month. We proceeded with Botox injections into the upper posterior shoulder/neck area, posterior low back & foot-ankle regions on Friday August 22nd. Some of you may ask why did he get botox or of what benefit will it be to him. In short botulism toxins block the neurotransmitter between the end of the nerve terminal and the muscle cells. The blocking of the nerve ending is permanent. By blocking the nerve ending, the muscle can relax. The body responds by growing a new nerve terminal. The only "side effect" thus far is that his once love for swinging has completely dissipated. I inquired with Debbie why this may be and she suggested that it is possible that he has temporarily lost control of his neck muscles and the swinging motion may make him feel unsettled or unstable.

Dawson will meet with Debbie for PT for the next six consecutive weeks to help stretch & challenge his muscle groups. I love this picture of Dawson with Ms. Debbie. I know I sound like a broken record but we have grown to love & admire Debbie dearly. We treasure that 30+ minutes we spend with her and know that she genuinely cares about our sweet little guy. She has gone way above and beyond to show us this.


Jason & Rene said...

Gabby's outfit looks cute ;)...and is Dawson every going to lose his chucky monkey legs?? jealoussss....

love ya

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