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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Vacation Part 2

This is a brief detail of what our vacation entailed
Thursday - arrival in Branson
Friday - lots of visiting and relaxation along with swimming at the beach in the late afternoon
Saturday - we spent the day on the lake on a pontoon enjoying the sun, the water & the breeze off the boat
Sunday - we attended the Bart Rockett show (musician, ventriloquist, magician & illusionist), followed by dinner at Cracker Barrel then fun at The Track. This was Gabrielle's 1st time on a go cart. She rode as a sidekick with her Daddy and loved it.
Monday - Celebration City!! We learned that Gabrielle is a fearless creature. She rode rides that even her Momma won't get on. We stayed from open to close. The evening ended with a patriotic light & fireworks show. It was a great ending to a perfect day of fun!
Tuesday - the girls headed to the outlet malls to do what women do best ... shop while Travis went golfing and the remainder of the clan along with Gabrielle toured the fish hatchery. We attended the Chase Curtis show (magician & entertainer) that evening. Once again Gabrielle surprised us with her bravery. Chase asked for a volunteer to help him with a magic trick. I pointed to Gabrielle (as did every other parent with a young child in the audience) and he asked her up on stage. She pranced up there and promptly pulled out the shy card. She answered his questions - What is your name? How old are you? Where are you from? Do you like bunnies? If you had a bunny, what would you name it? Anyhow, together they turned a soft fluffy little bunny into a small chocolate bunny and then back into a live fluffy bunny once again. Gabi's only disappointment is we didn't allow her to keep the real bunny after the show was over. I explained that they are pooping machines and she didn't want to have to clean up after them. That seemed to suffice her for the time being. The other disappointment was she wasn't allowed to eat the chocolate bunny due to her peanut allergy. It is sitting pretty in our refrigerator where she can look at it. Wouldn't you know none of us had our cameras along with us to take pictures!!! Lesson learned - don't go anywhere without your camera!
Wednesday - departure & arrival home
Here are just a few more pictures I took:

Ms. Magoo {Paige} and Ms. Thang {Gabs}

Gabrielle and Logan

Dr. Derek A. DuBay and little Connor

Dawson loved this texturized ball of the boys!
OK, I won't bore you anymore with details of our vacation. I wanted to document for our keeping before I forget myself.

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Jenn said...

sounds like you guys had a blast! it can be a toss up some times when you take little ones on a road trip ;) how exciting for Gabby to get to be in a show! bummer about the camera though! we still need to hook up at the pool soon... i can't believe the summer is already winding down! see you soon! love, jenn