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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vacation Part 1

This past week has been consumed with family, fellowship & fun.
Wednesday my brother Derek and his family of six arrived at my parents after traveling for a month across the states visiting family and friends. They have spent the past 2 years in Toronto Canada where Derek did a fellowship in liver transplant. They are relocating to Birmingham Alabama where Derek will be a part of the University of Alabama transplant team. It was so exciting to get to meet the newest addition to their family Connor David and for them to finally meet our baby D.

I am sure you are wondering how this picture fits into the whole vacation thing.
Well ... while we visited at my parents Wednesday evening Quila found it necessary to get into the snacks I had packed for our trip. She consumed an unknown amount of mini marshmallows and 2 whole fruit leather strips. Needless to say she was puffed up like a balloon appearing to be carrying a six pack liter of pups.
So this is how MY vacation started out on Thursday. The dog decided that the sweets weren't settling well with her and up they came not once, but twice all over ME and my white jeans. DISGUSTING!

We stayed at this quaint lake home off Table Rock Lake. The house and all the amenities it offered were beautiful. The home was furnished with four seperate king bedroom suites each with their own jacuzzi jetted tub and shower. It was perfect for our family and provided plenty of space.

Here our our girls: Danielle 16 gifted in creative writing and an aspiring musician, Gabrielle 3 our little princess & Paige 15 the fashionista and golf pro in the making.
This is how they spent much of their time together. Snuggled up to one another listening to their IPods, reading or watching movies. Gabrielle was loving the girl time and all the attention!

Dylan 7 & Logan 5 both adorable and so full of energy.
I got a glimpse of what it will be like to raise a boy in a few years from now.
Tyler, my 17 year old nephew, was unable to be with us as he was participating in a golf tournament in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Here are our babies: Connor 13 months & Dawson 10 months
Dawson learned to pull himself up while in Branson and has nearly mastered the art of crawling. He had been content to army crawl for several weeks prior to this.
I will be back soon with more about our vacation get away!
Please let me know you have stopped by.


Jason & Rene said...

these are cute pictures.. great place you guys stayed at. I'm really glad you are back though. I feel like we have not really talked all summer!!

Lisa said...

Glad you had fun on your trip!
Love, Lisa