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Friday, July 11, 2008

Recently Said and Heard

Oh the things that come out of my child's mouth! When will we learn that everything and I repeat everything she hears, she repeats?
* Shopping at WalMart several nights ago so said "You are really ticking me off!" I turned to Travis and said "Did you just hear what she said?" He looked at Gabrielle and asked "What did you just say?" Yep ... no question ... we heard correct the 1st time. Unbelievable.
* Yesterday she ate like a bird. She didn't finish breakfast or lunch and then refused supper. I informed her that when she decided she was hungry that she needed to finish her lunch before having any snacks. Travis took her swimming and it took her all of two minutes after entering the door to say she was hungry. I promptly said I would reheat her lunch and she said "No, please give me something with sugar in it (very dramatic). I need a brownie please. I don't want a healthy snack. I want something with sugar." She definitely has her Mommy's sweet tooth :0)
* We often times have a dance party in Dawson's bedroom so today as she is dressed in her dress up clothes looking like a little doll and putting on a show for her brother the song He Reigns by Newsboys comes on the radio. The singer sang "It's all God's children singing glory, glory, hallelujah, He Reigns." and Gabi says "Mommy, listen it's the Holy Moly song!"


Corey's Girl said...

Oh so sweet! I love her little personality!

April D. Hunt said...

They never listen to you until you say something you don't want them to hear. They sure are smart at such a young age.

April D. Hunt said...

Sorry - wanted to add this....

Ethan has learned how to get around bargaining with us. We always bargain with him to get him to do things or not do things. Yesterday, when we asked him to clean something up, he replied, "I don't want to go to the pool." Yep, he's figured it out. Before we can even bargain, he lets us know he's not interested in what we have to offer.

Jason & Rene said...

That's my gabs!! (as tatum calls her) she's a smart little cookie.. give her squeezes for me and tell her Tatum misses her dearly.
love you guys