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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Weekend Part 2

Saturday was another fun filled day! We started the morning off with a birthday celebration for Ava at Deanna Rose Farmstead aka The Farm. Gabrielle put on her adventure hat and decided she wanted to try several new things ... so 1st the two of us rode on the wagon ride. We saw a deer near the St. Andrews golf course and a dragonfly while on the ride.

I took this picture as I thought it was so cute that she wanted to hold my hand as reassurance while on the wagon ride. I will definitely be doing a scrap page of this photo. Look how dark she is compared to her Mommy!

Another pic I love! I have tried several times while visiting Deanna Rose to get a good picture of her in "her cabin" but she never seems to cooperate or other children get in the photo, so I was pleased with this one.

Gabrielle's 1st solo pony ride on Chico.
She is riding barefoot versus bareback :0)

Gabi and Aunt Shari enjoying some birthday cupcakes - yummy!

The highlight of the weekend was our outing Saturday evening. We went to Theatre in the Park to see Beauty and the Beast. The production was amazing and the talent (especially Belle) was beyond words. Gabrielle was all eyes and ears! She stayed awake the entire show as well as the car ride home. We didn't get her down until 11:30PM!!! Funky Mama played prior to the show so we shook our stuff and sang our hearts out. What an evening to remember!

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Jenn said...

so sorry we had to miss B& the B with you! sounds like you had a great time! hopefully we'll hook up at the pool soon!
love, jenn