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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Feeding the ducks

This past Monday we met up with Marietta and Nevaeh at a great little park located off K7 on Dennis Ave here in Olathe. They have a pond where you can feed the ducks, a walking trail, a playground area, shelter, etc.

The ducks amused us as they were scared of our shadow cast on the water. It didn't take long before they realized we were offering them some goodies (bread). Several ducks across the lake put on a little show for us fighting over something/someone. It really was quite funny to watch.

Gabrielle and Nevaeh doing their best to look at the camera but squinting from the sun.

Mmmmmm time for a little snack for themselves ...

Little man just hangin' while the girls were having fun!
I would definitely recommend this park area for a day outing for anyone. It is great that it is close in proximity and free fun for the kids.

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