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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Count Down Begins

It was late Sunday afternoon and out of nowhere Gabrielle made a bold statement that her preschool started in ten days. Our neighbor Michelle was over visiting with her two kids and I just looked at her and began counting on my fingers. Low and behold (totally coincidental) she was right on the money. Gabrielle was asked to participate as a peer model at the Britain Infant Development Center beginning next week. She will attend the morning session two days a week. She is beside herself with excitement. She loves both the social and academic aspect of attending "school". She misses her daily circle, center, craft, etc time at Ms. Kim's, but not nearly as much as she misses her friends so this will be a great opportunity for her to expand her social circle. I am excited about the therapy services offered as part of the program. The Britain Center incorporates occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy & music therapy into their preschool program. I have been reintroducing sign language to Gabrielle for several reasons: Dawson is at the appropriate age to learn signing and Gabi will see a lot of signing at school. It is amazing how giving basic "commands" such as wait, sit, stop, more please, sorry, etc. by sign is more effective than the voice command itself.
We have been filling our free time doing a LOT of this ...

We came upon a great deal on a preowned playset and thanks to an awesome Daddy and the help of some very gracious hands from the church we were able to put the playset into use in a short period of time several weeks ago. Travis rebuild the glider and rehung it this evening. We didn't think we would get Gabrielle to come in this evening. She was enamored by it! It was so sweet to watch the sheer joy in her eyes.
I was just told by that same awesome Daddy that noone is going to take the time to read "this crap" so I will take that as a hint and sign off for now. Ta ta!

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