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Monday, August 25, 2008

Reward earned - Reward Received

She made it!!! Gabrielle that is. She napped 5 consecutive days and earned a trip to the mall. So
Friday night after supper my parents, the kids and I loaded up and headed to Oak Park. We entered in the Dillard's entrance which led to me parooshing (spelling?) the sales racks in need of a dress to wear to an upcoming wedding. I scored!!! I purchased three dresses, all of which I am happy with. Gabrielle was very patient (well for the most part) waiting for Mommy to finish trying on clothes.
After I paid for my purchases we headed to the carousel.

Gabrielle wanted her Papa to ride with her ...

then decided a 2nd ride was in order so Mema could enjoy a turn!! Mema {being the softy she is} treated her to a 2nd go around. As we were leaving the mall Gabrielle picked out a purple flower balloon that a young man was making to raise money for missions. We left the mall and stopped at McDonald's for an ice cream treat.
Lesson learned - with a little encouragement and a lot of praise I accomplished what I set out to achieve. Daily rest time for us all! Mommy included!

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