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Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting Settled

It has been a long few weeks and I couldn't more thankful that it is now behind us. Travis and I worked diligently to pack up our home over the past month or so. I won't go into all the details, but just know we dealt with about every emotion there is to experience throughout the selling/buying process with this transaction. Our close date got moved not once, but twice! Then the morning of our scheduled closing there were yet further delays.

It all worked out and we are the happy owners of our new home (which needed a lot of elbow grease and TLC - which is why ALL these cleaning supplies came in handy).

For weeks we lived like this - boxes, boxes, everywhere boxes.

My one regret was not photographing our garage just prior to the move. Travis was meticulous about placing the boxes in "sequence."
One aisle for the kids bedrooms, one for the kitchen, one for the basement ... you get the point.
It made the loading and unloading so seamless.
My other regret was not photographing our movers and help. They were amazing beyond what I could possibly put into words. WELL worth the small investment! I am happy to give you a referral if need be in the future.

We will deeply miss our FFV home.
{Front Elevation of our "old" home shown above"}
It is the home we purchased when we had just found out we were expecting Gabrielle. The home we brought both of our babies home to. The home we spent 5 1/2 years of our 9+ years of wedded life together. It is not the house so much as the neighbors who became like family to us that we will miss. Even though we moved just a little more than a mile up the road, it isn't the same as walking across the street, up the block or around the corner.
We are thrilled about our new home and the memories we will make here. We love the additional living space and the wooded lot. The kids quickly made friends with the next door neighbors and I have met several of the moms.

The ONE negative THE SKUNK invasion!
Apparently they have found our neighborhood to be a well suited home for their ENTIRE family. From what I understand from the neighbors it is not unlikely to see them on a frequent basis. One greeted us Friday morning in the front yard at 5:45AM!!
Pictures to come soon.


Jenn said...

so glad you are getting settled and that the moving is over... not a fun thing to do! can't wait to see photos of the new home, or visit :)
love, jenn

Anonymous said...

A Skunk Family?! Oh My , how do you kill such an animal? I can't wait to see pictures of your new Home. The moving looked unreal to me, with my bad back, I would have been worthless. Glad you both had plenty of help. Yes, you have spent many years together there, I've climbed those stairs many times! Hope you all are Happy with your New Home....Love GG