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Monday, September 27, 2010

We Survived

It is Monday afternoon which means we are back from farmland.
The great news is we survived.
Not without a tantrum or two, but all in all we had a fantabulous time.
I will never, ever take for granted the laid back
way of life I come from in small rural Iowa.
Although I did not grow up farming I appreciate the beauty of the fields and the produce they provide for us all.
My favorite part of visiting my hometown is my time with my 2nd family.
I always treasure the time we get with the Morris's.
They have and always will be soooooo good to us.
I got my baby fix by canoodling the adorable little Benjamin Bradley.
I foresee a little Mrs. Benjamin Bradley Morris joining our family in January.
Audra, are you with me on this one?
I picked up some tips on some awesome baby gear that
is hot in the Philly region. I may just have to
start some baby trend setting here in the Midwest :)
Today has been a day cram packed with unpacking, cleaning, reorganizing & meal preparation. Did I mention disciplining?
Yeah, that one falls in there too.
I have two monkeys that need to learn it is NOT OK to hit one another.
I will be back soon with pics from our weekend mini vaca.

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