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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Embrace the Camera: Mommy and Man Child

Sorry about the lack of blogging recently. Life has thrown us a few curve balls as of late and I simply haven't made returning phone calls, checking e-mail, taking photos or blogging a priority. Friday was a big day in the DuBay family (more on that next post). Circumstances took me away from my little people the better part of the day which left Daddy in charge. When Daddy is in charge three things are guaranteed to happen.
1. macaroni and cheese for dinner
2. messes
3. movies

I BIG HEART this little man and asked Daddy if he would snap a quick picture of us before I said my goodbyes. Could he possibly be any more scrumptious? There really is something that rings true to the sentiment "Momma's boy."
I am appreciating the message of Embrace the Camera a little more these days. Thanks to Emily for the encouragement.

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adventures with 4 under 4 said...

popped by from emily's.

i feel ya. this week was my first return to blogging world after several curve balls in my life too!
and i've got a tribe of boys & love that they're all 'momma's boys'.

such a sweet captured moment.